Monday, July 03, 2006

Baby has arrived!!!

It's A Boy!!!!!!!

It's official, we have our first baby boy! We are all thrilled to pieces. He's getting more love and attention than any baby could want or need! I am on Jerry's laptop, which has the habit of messing up my posts, so I will only post the bare minimum of details here for now.

The Lord was kind to answer sooooo many of my prayers. When he was born and we got a look at the placenta it was evident that he indeed needed to be born. It was the smallest placenta both midwives have every seen! Not to mention that it had started to break up! Praise God for modern day technology and midwives who know how use herbs to induce labor. My labor was induced here at home with herbs, and when it kicked in labor was only 2 and a 1/2 hours long!! Amazing.

Jedidiah was born at 6:05 pm on July 1st and was 18 inches long, weighing in at a "whopping" 5lb, 8oz! All our newborn clothes are too big for him! He looks just like Moira did as a newborn. When I get up and about I will post pictures of him. So be patient.

Praise God with us for a healthy baby!


Tessa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! We can't wait to see that baby! God bless you for having such an easy birth. We are glad everything went well. You get some rest. Im sure the girls are excited its a boy as well as you and Jerry! Enjoy!
Tessa & Kalianne

chloechasesmom said...

Congrats! that is awesome.

chloechasesmom said...
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