Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our Birthingroom

No, no sign of a baby coming yet. I just thought I'd show you all our birth room. Having a home birth means having more responsibility for the whole birth in general. I've had two hospital births and two homebirths so far. Our first homebirth we were a bit nervous of course. Seeing all the things we needed to gather and do for the birth. Which once you've gotten it all done doesn't seem so bad after that. And each one has gotten easier (to put together).

*As a side note to those in the family who have the belief that Jerry is making me have a homebirth against my will......NOTHING could be farther from the truth!!! He was the one that needed convincing. I wanted a homebirth with Moira but he was totally freaked out about the idea and wouldn't even consider it. But I persisted in educationg him on the safety of a homebirth and finally in the lst few weeks of Flannery's pregnancy he agreed. Now he's a total homebirth advocate :-) Much to my delight! I don't have the time right now to pull up all the incredible info on the safety of a homebirth, so for those concerned you can do a google search or wait until I find the time to post such information.*

I have just about two weeks and two days till the due date, so we are getting closer to the big day. I snapped a few pictures of our room to show you what we have set up for the birth. I can never seem to get captions worked out for the pictures. Someday I'll figure it out, but not today. So below you will find pics of the birth pool. Last time around we bought just a regular kiddie pool that worked great except for a few small details. Those details being that Jerry and the assistant midwife couldn't reach me to help me keep my legs back while pushing (I've been wanting a waterbirth ever since I was pregnant with Isa, and haven't had one for one reason or the other.) The other being that the sides were not meant to support a very pregnant woman in labor and we had a minor flood in our bedroom! Soooo this time around we went with a pool that was more designed for a water birth. Much more expensive than a kiddie pool, but I am hoping that this is the ticket to having a water birth. The other pics are of the paper bags filled with the towels, washclothes and receiving blankets. One of the exercise ball that I will use as a birthing ball. Then the last are of the top of my dresser that has the rest of the birthing supplies. I have it covered now and will uncover it on the day of the birth, to keep dust and little hands off the stuff.


Angie said...

Cool Kerri. I love your set up. I am a homebirth advocate also even though I've never had one. I love the idea of delivering baby where he was conceived. It so romantic. Also pregnancy isn't an illness..just a natural part of a womans life like menstrual periods are. Except another person comes from it. How cool.
I have decided these 5 minutes apart contractions that I am having are prelabor stuff not the realthing. So I am trying to rest up for the real event. We may feliver on the same day. How cool would that be?
Blessings, Angie W.

Kerri said...

Hey Angie, you were supposed to already have that baby!!! Ha, ha...I think it would be very cool to have the babies on the same day. See, that's why he hasn't come yet, he's just waiting for my baby to get with the program so they can be born on the same day! I hope you are feeling well. I keep meaning to call you! Really and truely! I have been praying for you daily.

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