Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Apron making

Well I saw this apron that someone made on another board and I loved the way it looked. I've wanted an apron that wasn't the bib kind, and was full length. This was it! I made it in two days, with lots of "help". Ha, ha. My nesting has winded down now and I feel like I am living normal life again. I got a ton of meals cooked for the freezer for after the baby is born. I have about two dishes each of the following: lazagna, chicken stuffing casserole, individual pizzas, cresent chicken, breakfast burritos, soft tacos, tuna calzones, beef stoganoff, twice baked potatoes and about 4 breakfasts worth of waffles. Plus about 3 snacks worth of yummy blueberry muffins. I would have had more, but we ate a bunch before I could get them in the freezer! I think we are well stocked. All that will need to be done is pre-heat the oven and pop in a frozen meal and voila, dinner! I wish I had this apron made before all that cooking as there is something about a pregnant tummy being a magnet for food spills.

We just got in Isabella's grammar book the other day. I ordered two school related items for the summer to work on a few things. We didn't do much grammar this year (although her year end test results came back and she tested very high for grammar), so I got a book that is pretty much self teaching. I will read over the information at the top of the page to make sure she understands the concept and then she'll work on the samples. The other item was called Math-it. It is a bunch of tricks and games to help them learn their math facts quickly and easily. I read over it the other day and even I learned some neat short cuts! If she can get a handle on knowing her math facts it will make next years math go sooooo much easier. The funny thing is she is able to pick up on the concepts really easily, but the drudgery of memorizing the math facts makes her work go sooooo slowly! On the other hand, Moira knows her math facts better than Isabella, but she has a harder time learning some of the concepts. Oh well. With Moira I plan on just playing some math war games and work on her reading. She is not as confident in her ability to read. She *can* read, she just thinks she can't. So going over some past lessons and having her read out loud this summer will help her out.

We've been having a lot of rain lately. I mean alot! Over 8 inches just in the past two weeks! Plus there is more on the way. I had been praying for rain as we were actually in drought conditions. But I think the drought is over! So we've been spending a lot of time inside. I am hoping to modify the apron pattern and make one for the girls. Isabella really wants to learn to sew and she would really like to help out making her own apron. She made the beginnings of some pin coushins out of the scraps of fabric I had. She used my sewing machine and is learning how to use it. She did very well.

Well I need to get the kiddos to nap. then I get to relax a bit. Something I will be trying to do more of before this baby comes! Here are the pictures of the apron, plus one of my belly. That baby is growing and is low! It's getting ready to make it's apperance.

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Kerri said...

Hi there!! I was so happy to see you popped in here! I would love to see pics of Kali! It has been too long since our last visit. I thought that once I didn't work any more that I would be visiting more often, but it's worked out to be the opposite. Ugh. Well, I am hoping we can make it for this Christmas. I would love to come sooner, but that would make two trips pretty close together with a wee baby. My recovery period from the drive seems to get longer each year ;-)
I hope you are doing well. I think everyone in the family needs to get their own blog so I can keep up with everyone :-)

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