Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our 4 divas!

Dresses and winter clothing do not stay put for long in this house. The girls are always trying to dress themselves up. So here are our divas.
We are STILL waiting for our house to be delivered. There has been one delay after another. Each day there is a reason they can not deliver it. Now yesterday was understandable as we got 7 inches of rain!!! So they are supposed to deliver it tomorrow and set it up on monday. I am not holding my breath. They have to get it in sometime I'm sure. But it is starting to feel like we will never move. That's ok as I have enough stuff to get done around here as it is. I have been packing a bit here and there. I am now gearing up to make and freeze a bunch of meals for us after the baby is born. I made up some waffles, bread, and tuna calzones yesterday. Today I plan on making about three or four beef recipes. Thankfully I made up a bunch of potato soup the other day so we can have left overs tonight.

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