Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finally recovering!

This was one long winded illness.  It looks like we are *all* finally on the up and up. I am ready to move on to better things :-)

It took using my new machine to get Aubrey over his illness.  Poor guy.  I knew he must have been dealing with a secondary infection, I just wasn't sure which one (though I suspected it would go to his lungs).  When he woke up the next morning it became apparent that it was going to his lungs.  The first thought that came to me was, 'bronchitis'.  So that is what I ran my machine for, and by the end of his session he was finally fever free!!  Phew!  I ran it a couple more times that day to be sure he didn't relapse.  I finally have my Aubrey back.

Even though the kids have been sick, I tried to get them outside if they were able.  In Aubrey's case, he just sat in the stroller the whole time.

Aubrey loves spending time with the cats.  He doesn't look sick here, but he certainly was.

 What does one do when they do not have a sidewalk to color on?  Color on your house's foundation, of course!

Merida insists on wearing a hat when I do.  It was quite warm out, but she chose this hat to wear.  I wear my hat for bug protection (I **hate** when bugs fly in my hair and face!!).

 Jed wanted in on the photo action.  He was drawing Minecraft stuff on his side of the wall.

Being goofy.

Jonah wanted to help color in my sign.

The baby had other ideas of people helping HER color in my sign.  Here she is trying to stop Jonah from coloring in this letter.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Aubrey was still hanging out in the stroller, and went to check up on him.  Knocked out!  He took another 4 naps that day.

Merida walked away from the wall giving Jed an opportunity to color in my sign.

Sleds are still useful in the spring.  I suppose that is good, since we only get to use them for about 3 days during the winter.

Merida still in her pj's.  Outside is fun if you are dressed or not :-)

The boys, particularily Jonah, are enamored with our new (to us) van.  For one thing, it has a *working* radio!  As soon as we get in the van, that is their first request....Put the music on!!  Today we opened up the back door of the van to let the music pour out for some hooping.

Merida is able to get the hoop going around her a few times!

Yours truly.  I was attempting to hoop as well.  It was sunny out, and I was hoping we were soaking in some vitamin D.

The finished sign.


Sarah Faith said...

Great pics! Glad you're all feeling better. Can you explain the machine?

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Not sure what is up with Blogger not sending me comments!! Sorry Sarah, I just got saw this today (6/8/16)! I wasn't ignoring you, I promise :-)

As for the health machine. Have you ever heard of a Rife machine? Long story short, this is a very affordable machine that will send out frequencies that can kill or heal issues. We've had great success with it so far. Right now we are using it to detox from heavy metals, parasites, etc. You can find the machine we have here:

On the page you can visit a link to the idea of Rife technology. We have two generators right now that I am always running something on. At the moment I have the detox going and am treating a horse with the other.


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