Friday, April 15, 2016

And Then....

So my last post had us outside enjoying a fine spring day.  Though we have been outside most days since then, we've also been dealing with some sort of flu type illness. And not the stomach kind. I was worried when it got to certain children as they do not do as well as some of my others with flu type illnesses.  One night we thought we were gong to have to take Moira to the ER (only because it was the weekend and urgent care was closed).  We didn't, as I found a homeopathic remedy that did the trick, and she was over the flu by the next day (though it took a few more days for her to regain her strength).

So a couple of days ago the last two kids came down with this munge (Bella and Flannery).  The day after Jonah started up with a fever.  Hmmm, didn't he go through this already?  I must have been 'off' in keeping track of who had it.  But then, a couple of days later (today) Aubrey comes up to me saying his eyes hurt. he had been eating an orange, so I thought he had gotten some juice in them.  But minutes later I see him lying on the couch...looking sick!  He just came up to me saying his head really hurts, and is now running a fever.  Seriously?  I KNOW he had this already.  Though he had more of a fever and cough, but not much of a headache.  The older kids have gotten a headache and fever first, then a cough added on.  Not sure if this is the same bug going around for the second time or something different, but I know one thing for sure....I'm DONE with the sickies!!!

I think we started this two weeks ago?!  I did run a program on my new 'health' machine for Flannery for her headache and within a couple of minutes her headache was gone.  This allowed her to stop taking meds, so her body could let the fever do it's job.  I was reading up on muscle testing for remedy choices (in homeopathy).  I tried it out on Flannery.  In the almost 8 years of using homeopathy I have only gotten the right remedy for Flannery *once*!!!  She is so hard to get the correct one, something having to do with her 'taking on other people's symptoms' as another homeopath told me.  Either way, she is doing better, though not back to health yet.  But she feels a whole lot better.

I think I will try it for Aubrey.  On his first go around, there really was no need for a remedy as he was handling the illness just fine.  Even though he just started, he is really upset about feeling so horrible.  Poor guy.

I was just catching up on my kitchen too :-(  I had been doing great with keeping the kitchen clean every day, all day long.  But multiple kids sick....well, that started to slide, and slide, and...well mess exploded.  If I didn't have to do shopping, a chiropractor appointment, and help two girls get ready for a Ball, I am sure it would have gotten all cleaned up today.

Try, try again.  Please pray for healing.  When the littles get sick, that means they get little sleep, and that means mama  little sleep.  


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. The month of March was a write-off for our family as our children kept seeming to pass the same flu back and forth to each other. It just wiped them all out. I think it's about the sickest our family has ever been.

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Yuck! Is it safe to dip kids in bleach to disinfect them :-) Just kidding!! I've got some who are breezing through the flu, and others....not so much! The thing is thing is, is that it really seems to be viral, and we have to just wait it out, but I always get nervous when they get this sick. Keeping them pumped with fluids, and some food here and there. My one little boy looks so sick, but he keeps insisting the only thing bothering him is his runny nose. Never mind the 102.7 degree fever. Oy. And is it just me, or do your kids also seem to get the sickest on the weekends?


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