Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Getting a new family photo

Oh my.  Let me tell you how NOT to take a family photo.

:: Do not wait 3 years to take your next family photo.
:: Do not wait until winter to take your family photo...if you are not prepared with warm clothing.
:: Do not plan to take the photo during the work week, when your husband can not make it to the photo site until 15 minutes before sunset.
:: Do not scramble to get into a spot, any spot, and click away, then look at the photos when you get home (we did look in the preview window, but we couldn't see that the back row was coming out a bit blurred).

Well, I am sure there are more, but I think those are good lessons to pass along :-)  Actually, for the few minutes we had, and the few photos we took, I am surprised that we at least got one decent shot.  We definitely want to wait till a weekend and try again though.   But, hey, at least we finally have our whole family in one picture!   So I'll take it.  Here it is:

We had quite a few shots of half of the kids not looking, or Jonah making silly faces or waving his hands...hence we made him put his hands in his pockets.

All the kids.  Back row: Jedidiah (8), Jonah (6), Aubrey (3).  Front row:  Isabella (17), Moira (15), Saoirse (10), Flannery (12), Merida (10 months).


Lisa Hellwig said...

Hurrah! Beautiful!
You're a giant step ahead of me.... I'm scrambling to find a time when we'll ALL be home! At the same time... on the same day... and in the wake-mode... not recovering from a late night at work!(i.e. sleeping!)
Great picture!

Jennifer said...

We haven't had a professional family picture in over ten years. We've done lots just by setting it up ourselves and asking someone to take one. You need quite a few to make sure everyone is smiling, standing still, looking the right way, etc. Even so, we've given up more than once and just gone with the best shot. :)
Beautiful family.

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

SO far I only have two people who are out of the house on a regular basis...and that is hard enough :-) I keep telling myself to really enjoy the 'limited' chaos I now have. Ha, ha! Thank you.

We have usually tried to get someone to take a picture for us, but we decided to do it ourselves since I got a remote this year. The only issue is that there isn't enough room and we have to put my camera in a street side parking space! Ha! Nothing like trying to see if a picture came out with a semi truck driving past you. Granted the speed limit in town is 25 mph, but still, a semi is a semi!! I suggested that our next picture is taken somewhere a wee bit safer.

Have a great day to both of you!

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