Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting out and about

We've had such a busy couple of weeks.  Between all of us getting a cold (I lost my voice for 4 days....I am sure that was the highlight of the  year for my children :-)), and trying to keep up with everything it seems we have been going non stop.  Not all of us were sick at once, so we had different sets of people going out and about at different times.  We are finally all getting better and we were able to meet up with some friends at a nearby botanical gardens.  Below I have a hodgepodge of pictures from different days and events.  I don't have a lot of time to spare, so I will just post captions (and I do believe my cations are paragraph length anyways!!).

PS, not just a few days ago Jonah woke up and came up to me to give me a morning hug.  I immediately could tell that this same child I had just hugged last night had grown since the night before. It was so obvious.  I looked to see when the last time we measured his height and it had only been 20 days prior.  I stood him up to the door that we measure everyone at and he indeed grew at least one and a half inches!  If not two!  I didn't have a ruler with me, and I meant to get a picture of the lines on the door.  But alas, no proof for you :-)  Kids really do grow 'over night'...if not in 3 weeks time.

 Little miss getting better and better at balancing on two legs.  She will get very upset if we pick her up now.  She used to want to be held all the time, now she wants to be down exploring all the time.

 Ooohhh, I love baby faces!  Don't you just want to squish those precious cheeks?

 She was nodding her head back and forth quickly, making this face.  Too funny.

 This is one determined little girl.  If she falls, she may cry a bit, but gets right back up and tries again.

 Yay, yarn!  I have been dying to get my hands on some yarn.  Between a sale and a 'teacher' discount, I was finally able to buy some.  I think I had only bought two other skeins of yarn this year, and that project turned out wrong!  We plan on using this yarn for various projects.  Right now I am working on a cowl and some wraps for hot water bottles.

 We had a wonderful day weather wise the other day.  We took advantage of it by getting outside and then heading off to the botanical gardens.

 When you get to the gardens you have to sign in, in case you get lost I suppose.  The gardens only have two paths.  We walked one path last week, and the second one this week.

 The boys turn.  We were waiting for some friends to arrive.  They came on our walk last week and really loved the park and asked that we go back to walk the second trail.

 I loved the sun coming through the trees.  Right before I took this picture it had thundered.  There were some gray clouds before we left, and we checked the weather, but nothing showed up on the radar.  Thankfully it only thundered twice, and no other incidences occurred.  It totally freaked out Jonah, who wanted to run out of the woods.  I can't say I blame him, but we were exactly at the half way point and had no choice but to go through the woods to get to our van (the whole trail, save the pond) is in the woods.

 All of the kiddos, except my friends youngest and our youngest (who were each attached to their respective mommies).

The highlight of the walk was the bamboo forest.  The kids LOVE this little place.  It has a little water fall as well.  Flannery, Saoirse and their friend Dasha spent the whole walk scouting out video and photo shoot spots for their Breyer horses. 

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