Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Merida...getting so big!

The past couple of days have seen us spending lots of time outside.  After tomorrow we will be getting more cold weather.  So we are trying to soak up what may be the last of our nice days.  It is hard to tell, as weather here in NC can be a bit wonky.  But, it is November after all, so we got ourselves outside.

Jonah has taken to building a fort in the back yard.  The other two boys spent a bunch of time fighting on the trampoline.  Silly boys.  The girls spent some time with their friend from next door.  Merida was awake this time, so I decided to get some pictures of her.  She is growing, growing, growing.

I was thinking of an incident that happened about 4 years ago.  Someone was trying to discourage me from having any more children.  I was told repeatedly that I was too old.  I needed to get on with my life, and be done with the baby stage.  This person went on to tell me that my eggs are old, and that means that any babies born would be getting the short end of the stick.  This person described a talk they had with another older mother, whose son did something...not smart.  This mother's response was, "Well, what do you expect...he's from an old egg."  In other words, my babies would be on the stupid side.

Now, don't get me wrong.  Since sin has entered the world, things do not go as they should.  Eggs do get old, there is no denying it.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to have a stupid child because of it.  There are any number of issues that can pop up with having a any age.  I know plenty of people who had a first child with problems, and I know people whose last child had problems.  No one is completely immune to the possibilities.

But one thing is certain.  Every child, every. single. a gift from God.  No matter how young or old my eggs have been, or are.  This brings me to Merida.  Out of all of our children, she is the most intelligent (as babies go).  She figures things out very fast.  You can see the wheels spinning.  And that's just not me saying it.  I've had countless people tell me that they can see her figuring out the world around her.

Merida is one smart cookie.  I feel blessed beyond measure to be her mommy.  And that goes for all of my children.  My smarter ones, my challenging ones, my loud ones, my sweet ones....all of them are amazing.  I truly can not imagine if I decided to not have another baby after Aubrey.  If I had been given a glimpse of who Merida was before having her, if I decided to end my childbearing years....that would have been torture.  I could not imagine spending my days without her.

And so, here is our smart little cookie...and her brother...and a few other random things:

The first time I have ever put her down, while outside.  She was looking at me like, "What is this?"

Hmmm, I think I like this.

 Of course hanging out with my big brother makes it even better.  (how cute it this picture!!!)

 Oooooh, lots and lots of *little* put into my mouth.

 Maybe I'll take this one over here.

 Who, me? I'm not doing anything I shouldn't be.  I have no plans to pick up this small rock and put it into my mouth.  Nope, not me.

 (Jonah handed her a leaf)  Um, I'm not sure what to make of *this*.  What is it?

Look at her hair growing :-)  And, by the way, she did try to eat a small rock, and did try to eat the leaf.  She didn't stay on the ground for long!

 Jonah found this!  Jedidiah was very upset that he caught it.  He was on the verge of tears, saying, "But *I'm* the bug boy!"  I told  him, bug boy or not, Jonah caught the lizard, and that it was ok.  Jed didn't think so.  Mr. Jed got some inside time for having a wee fit about the whole lizard thing.  Oy.

 Jonah snuggling with Miracle.  This is the kitty that we thought wasn't going to make it, having been completely paralyzed for a whole day.

 A little bit of 'making do' by the girls.  Need a bike basket?  Use your brother's wooden tool box.  Makes sense.

A couple of chickens hanging out in the front yard.  Still some bugs out there, despite the weather being warm, then freezing, then warm, then.....(although Aubrey still asks me nightly to go out to catch fireflies)

 After getting the mail, all of the boys heading back down the hill to our house.

Remember these?!?  We did.  We brought these out to light last week.  We found the candles to put inside, but we didn't have any working lighters.  We finally bought some, and had one night of soft light beauty.  Then we left them the rain.  Some of them made it, some...not so much.  The layers of tissue paper were held on with white glue.  Not exactly water proof.  Thankfully most of them will see another night.  The boys and I had a lot of fun sipping hot cocoa, looking at the stars with these candles spread out along our porch banisters.

It is getting late.  The baby had a rough evening, so I am going to turn in and catch some Z's before she may need me again.


Jennifer said...

What a cute baby! Stupid baby from old eggs - that's a new one to me. :) Our 8th who was born when I was nearly 44 is one smart cookie. He's almost two now, and his language is exploding every day. I think he's talking more than his siblings were at the same age. I think they get smarter because they have all the older siblings to teach them. ;)

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

It was new to me, when I first heard it as well! Oy. I agree, with all the sibling interaction, I do believe my younger ones are a wee bit smarter than my olders :-) I had one kiddo who started talking around 11 months, then at 12 months completely stopped talking, using only grunts and pointing. Our doctor was concerned, until I told him that she had other people "talking for her". Ha, ha! And, no joke, the day after she turned 2 she started *full* sentences!

Have a blessed day!


Kelly Timberlake said...

oh Merida is so precious! It's amazing how time flies--seems I was just reading your birth story.
We added a new baby girl, Rowan, to our family 7 weeks ago, so life is a little crazy here, but really really really lets get together when things settle. Or at least in the spring when it's warm again;)
-Kelly T

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! How exciting. I LOVE her name. We were thinking of using that name, but I have a hard time with 'r' sounds, and I didn't want to have to 'think' each time I had to say our child's name :-) But, I still love the name. I hope all went well with the birth. Looks like you guys are taking the 'all' girl path as well :-) Isn't it soooo neat to have a third girl? With our second, I knew she would be different than number one. And they were opposites of each other in so many ways. With the third, I knew she would be different as well, but it just seemed so odd to have a third different girl. I can't really explain it, but it was really exciting to see how different their personalities are.

Anyways, I hope you are doing well. With 3 little ones are you getting any help? I do have a couple of older girls now (17 and 15!!!) that could come help for a bit. I would love to get together with you. I know our plans keep falling through, BUT I know we will get together sometime soon. If weather and health don't get in the way let us get together sooner than spring. Spring seems soooooo far away! When ever you are able and up to it!


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