Monday, September 01, 2014

Where the horses roam

I seem to talk a lot about my oldest two girls, the boys, and of course the baby.  No one can talk too much about babies.  However, it seems that my younger two girls may end up with "middle child syndrome" if I don't do something quick about it.

These two younger girls, Flannery and Saoirse, recently became roommates in our most recent room switch.  The older two girls were tired of all their horsey stuff mess.  Flannery and Saoirse love Breyer horses.  They love making things for their horses and their riders. They spend a lot of time on youtube learning new ideas to try out.  Wow, did they put some impressive things together. Basically their bedroom has been turned into a miniature barn town.  I wish I could get the whole room in one shot as it's quite impressive.  I was able to get the whole 'town' in pieces, but I think you get the idea.

 When you first walk into their room you are greeted by this site.  I do believe they will need to find a way to vacuum their room with all this stuff on the floor.  Off to the far right you can see the only barn that was purchased (it has the blue box in front of it).  The rest were made out of materials around the house.

Flannery saw that there was a space, gasp, in between the bookshelf and dresser, so she went to town to make a barn to fit in there.  Except it didn't fit cleanly, so she made a stall next to it (where the horse is standing on it's hind legs).

The girls have gone through a whole box of popsicle sticks, and numerous bags of glue sticks.  Glue sticks are the new black around here!  I am assuming they don't need the clothing in that bottom drawer?  Hmm.

 The new wooden barn that Jeremiah and Flannery made.  Let's just say Gorilla Glue isn't the best choice for barn making.  Messy, puffy, and ruined a towel.  Oh well.  There is another barn off to the right that I did not get a picture of.

 Now for some close ups.  Some of the saddles they had purchased, but most of their tack has been hand made by themselves.  They have gotten into trading other people homemade tack for horses or other Breyer things.  I think it's quite amazing.  Take a look at their signs on their barn walls.  You can see the rake top was made from a hair clip.

 They uses wire as well for their things hanging on the walls.  They snatch anything that they feel can be reused for their barn/tack making purposes.  They have gone through some felt, and we bought them a few pieces of faux leather for saddle making.

 See those hay bales?  That is our hay from outside that they gathered, cut down to size and glued it all together to make bales.  They use necklace chains that you find in the craft isle of Walmart for their stall closures.

I love their feed barrels (the white bottles).  Not sure where they got those colored caps for scoops, but their cute.  In case you forget, there is no smoking in the barn area :-)

 This is the housing for their Breyer person.  There is a bed off to the left (the blue print).  They made a bunch of food either from painting dried glue, or they made some sort of water and baking soda mix.  Not sure of the exact ingredients, but it bakes up nicely, and then they paint it.  I wish I got a clear shot of the food on that little shelf for you to see.  It seems there are some pots and pans on the left as well.

Some horses have litter in their stalls.  They reused some blocks of wood, cardboard and of course some popcicle sticks.

Flannery's new purchase of a "real" Breyer saddle in the blue/yellow up front.  The bridle is on the right. The green/red/brown/black saddle is one she made.

Now you can see why their older sisters wanted them out of their room!  All of that horse stuff was taking up floor space in both bedrooms.  Now everyone is happy.  The older girls have their 'big girl' bedroom, and the younger two have their horse bedroom :-)


Jennifer said...

This is so wonderful. Your daughters are very creative. I know my two youngest girls would love to come and play with them. My oldest was into horses a few years ago, but she has outgrown that and moved through several other passions since then. :)

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Thank you Jennifer! My girls would love to have your over to play :-) Flannery would really love to take horse riding lessons, but she has to wait until she is old enough to work for her lessons. She's finding waiting hard. So this is the next best thing :-)


Tracy Scarpulla said...

Wow!!! Talk about creative!! My girls would love to join in if only we lived closer!! They would bring their legos over to make huge barns and stalls! And what's with the Popsicle sticks??? My girls LOVE toothpicks - gluing them into whatever to make whatchamacallits! It's gotta be a girl thing! All that artsy crafty stuff - never got the gene but somehow my girls did! :)

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Ha, ha! I was thinking about telling the girls about the toothpicks, but now I am not so sure! The boys may eat me out of house and home, but the girls are going to *craft* me out of house and home! Well, the genes are in the family. So glad that they got it :-) Though I am a bit biased.

Love ya,

momof4andmaybemore said...

I love it! So creative! My girls are into "Anerican Girl" doll stuff. They have none of the brand name, but saved for their own dolls (generic), and now try to make things for them.

Joelle said...

Oh boy, this reminds me so much of my childhood!! I loved my Breyers (still have them!!) but I never had quite that elaborate of a set up! :-) Way to go girls!!

Marlis said...

Wonderfully creative! Great job!

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