Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homeopathy Help

It has been a rough year or so for Isabella.  It is hard for me to remember how much I have shared here.  Ever since we got very sick from a stomach virus two years ago, things have never been the same for some of us, Isabella being one of the hardest hit.  This past year has been such a struggle.  I won't go into all the details, as they are not mine to share, but I will say that the anxiety that Isabella was dealing with was interfering with her every day life.  She had some other, very significant symptoms that added insult to injury.  Needless to say we were at a loss for what to do.  Medications were not going to be our long term solution, though she was using some herbs and over the counter meds to help deal with her issues.

Going to a conventional doctor would have resulted in prescription medications which would have led us down a path we didn't even want to consider.  Of course, diet was one of the first things I considered.  It took some time to convince her that changing her diet would be a help to her.  However, the diet backfired, in a very scary way.  Her anxiety went through the roof, and it led to other things that we needed to take very seriously, which led us to immediately take her off the diet.  We were stuck, very stuck.  But then I remembered Sarah, who helped me in the beginning of my pregnancy with Merida.  At the time she was just trying to help family and friends with homeopathy.  She was seeing a homeopath herself.  I emailed her to get her homeopath's information.  Long story short, it ends up she became a lay homeopath!

I scheduled an appointment (all appointments are by phone consultation) with Sarah, which took place three weeks ago.  Sarah is a classic homeopath, which means she uses only one remedy at a time.  You take one dose, and wait.  You wait to see if there is any change.  I have read about this many, many times.  Our beloved homeopath, who I still highly recommend (he is just out of our price range right now), practices homeopathy in a different way.  So I was excited, and nervous, to see how this would all pan out.  Isabella, who knows that homeopathy works, was totally skeptical that it could help her with all of her severe symptoms.

The first consultation was very long, four hours long!!!  That was after sending her 6 pages of information.  Sarah was very thorough.  She then spent the rest of the week finding the ONE correct remedy, that would match all (as close to all) of Isabella's many, many symptoms.  We are not talking just physical symptoms either.  We are talking mental and emotional as well.  No small task, I can assure you.  Sarah assured us that she would get the right remedy, but said it may take a try or two.  She said we would try the remedy in the 30C potency (the common, "over the counter", strength) first to see what results we would get.

I eagerly awaited her response.  Her email came in, and her choice of remedy was Nat Mur (this is abbreviated).  It was right in my home remedy kit.  I read the instructions on how to make the remedy (totally different from how our other homeopath does things), gave her the one dose, and we waited.  We were to wait 48 hours, looking for any change.

Can I just say AmAzInG?!?!  This one little remedy has been in my house for the past year, and I give her this one remedy, just one dose, and the change was astounding!  Ok, relatively speaking.  Isabella has a long ways to go to being 'cured'.  BUT, the fact that she didn't need to take two of her meds, something she has taken almost daily for the past year, is nothing short of miraculous in my eyes.  I am always in awe of the power of homeopathy.  Blows my mind every time.

We have had to make a few tweaks as a few things came up and we were not sure if they were related to the remedy or not.  Homeopathy is so individualized that it takes a while to find the right "groove".  I can totally handle that, seeing the changes we've seen so far.

Jeremiah said that after we take care of Isabella, that I can set up an appointment for myself!  My food intolerances are really getting out of hand.  I have some other things I would really like to see if they can be helped with homeopathy.  Right now, I am just so happy to see Isabella going in the positive direction health wise!  She has a long road ahead of her, but we will get there one step at a time....or in this case, one remedy at a time :-)

Please pray for continued success.  Thank you!


Jeremiah Pechin said...

May all the glory be to God. He has supplied all good things! I continue to be baffled by the science behind all of this, but I guess I won't question what works, especially in light of the alternate of pumping our children full of life-shortening and -debilitating chemicals.

momof4andmaybemore said...

Love, love, love homeopathy! It can truly work in minutes! Our favorites are Arnica (all the bumps and bruises kids end up with, boy does it come in handy!) and Spongia Tosta. My kids have all been prone to croup, and this remedy work amazingly!

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Yes, to God be the glory!!! This has been an answer to prayer, that is for certain.

Oooh, Spongia Tosta! I need to remember that. A couple of years ago, when our now 3 year old was about 10 months old, he came down with croup....while we were on a one night 'vacation'. As I was packing (he was still nursing, so he came with us) I was thinking of throwing my home remedy kit in my suitcase, but I didn't. He had his fist cough as we got out of the car at the hotel we were staying at. Ugh! I need to remember to bring my kit with me where I go :-)


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