Friday, September 05, 2014

Some unexpected improvements on GAPS

Maybe these should not have been unexpected, but they were.  I am still walking a tight line of yeast symptoms (sinuses), mostly because I can see a difference in my milk supply when I try to follow mostly intro.  For the past few days I've let up, and boom, my sinus 'markers' are back.  Ugh.  Soooo, I am going to try something a bit different than what I've been doing.  I will go to mostly intro. For me this means all 3 main meals are soups with fermented veggies, and kefir smoothies inbetween, with some kombucha as well.  However, this time I am going to take extra doses of the fermented veggie juice throughout the day.  I am hoping this will push my body into the 'healthy' side of the fence.  I will also drink Mothers Milk tea to help with possible supply issues.

In the meantime I've been enjoying two unexpected improvements.  A couple of years ago my left wrist started hurting.  I think it may have been after a fall I had, and the brunt of my weight was caught by my outstretched arms.  It only hurt to put pressure on it, so I made it a point to be careful not to put my wrist in a situation that would mean putting weight on it.  It helped if I made a fist and pushed off with my fist instead of a flat hand (getting up off the bed for example, or the floor, etc.).  After about two weeks the pain went away.  However, over the course of the past couple of years, this pain keeps returning.  Sometimes there seems to be no reason or correlation.  I could go months without any pain, and then, boom, there is again.

The wrist pain started back up after a few weeks after starting up milking the goats.  I wasn't terribly concerned as the problem always seemed to be worsened by pressure.  Well guess what?  The action of milking was making my wrist start to hurt more.  It got to the point that my wrist was hurting without using it.  I knew this could not be good.  On top of it all, my right wrist started hurting.  I was thinking maybe I carpal tunnel syndrome.

Before I had time to think what I should do, besides relegate all milking duties to the girls, I started GAPS.  I am sure you can figure out what happened since then.  Pain free within the first week.  I've been milking as usual for the past 6 weeks now pain free.  This was a sudden stop to the pain.  Usually it takes a couple of weeks of careful use of my wrist, with lessening pain as the days go by.  Not this time. Within two days it went from pain without use, to totally pain free.

The other issue that has seen improvement has been my 'female issue'.  Sorry guys, you can stop reading here.  For those who know about my situation you will understand this is no small matter.  Granted I was feeling 80 to 90% better.  But since starting GAPS I've felt 100% better.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not all better, the muscles still need strengthening.  But, to feel normal doing everyday stuff is wonderful.  Now I just need to make the time to do my exercises!  Since starting GAPS there hasn't been enough time for me to exercise.  It's a combination of having to cook multiple meals for each meal, the baby not napping well, and starting back to homeschool.  I know I will find my groove sometime soon.

I am assuming these conditions were helped because GAPS helps with lessening the inflammation in the body.  As glad as I am with the results, I am still not happy *having* to be on GAPS.  The food restrictions on top of what GAPS allows just makes things worse.  Every day or so someone will say, "oh, let's eat this...", or "you can eat this mom, it's GAPS legal", nope I can't.  I know that time will heal, but it can be discouraging.  We are thinking that after Isabella has her appointment with the homeopath, I may have a visit as well.  Homeopathy can help the gut heal.  I would think with the combo of GAPS and homeopathy I would get there sooner.  We shall see.

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