Monday, January 13, 2014

A long day

Well, I suppose it was more of a long night actually!  We spent some time outside.  The boys really, really, REALLY needed to run off some energy.  Most of them got sick first, so by the time they were feeling fine, the rest of us were not.  That left 3 little boys running around crazy, stuck inside for a good week!  We had some mild temps so we hit the little wee park up the street from us.

After the park I noticed I was feeling very fatigued, and I had some muscle cramping.  Hmmmm, now what is hitting my magnesium levels?  Well, apparently it was a lack of fluids.  The day before the girls and I were at the baby shower (which was absolutely fun and amazing!!!  I'll have to get a couple of pictures of the day up soon....most of them turned out really dark and will need more than a one button touch up to fix.), and between getting ready for the event and then afterwards trying to scramble to make dinner, I had apparently not taken notice that I wasn't drinking enough fluids.  I found that out the hard way with over 6 hours of braxton hicks contractions that were getting closer and closer together.  Of course this was at *night*, when I should have been sleeping.  Sigh.  I tried to take a nap, and did manage two, almost one hour, slots of napping today.  I am only praying I do not go into labor tonight.  I NEED to sleep!

That made today a hard day.  I felt like a zombie most of the day.  I did manage to make dinner, and get a few dishes done, but that is about it.  I know there will be plenty of other days for chores, today just wasn't one of them!

Below are some of the pictures I took while we were at the park.  The two older girls stayed home, so you don't see them, and Jed was a running machine and I couldn't get a picture of him to save my life!  Ha, ha.

Jonah hit the swings first.  He is just learning how to pump his legs, but has a long ways to go.

Saoirse wanted a picture of her swinging as well.  Flannery got this one!

Flannery hanging out on the play structure.

This one is so funny!  Aubrey had just been looking behind him, as the boys and Jeremiah were playing monster (Jeremiah being the monster), and he turned around to see Daddy's face right there (Jeremiah was roaring like a monster, hence the face).

Almost everyone took turns swinging with Aubrey, though they did have two kiddy swings.

Daddy's turn.

Jonah being a ham.

Saoirse climbed to the top of the rock wall.

I believe that Flannery was carrying Aubrey around as they were playing tag with the rest of the kids.  This made the playing field a bit more even :-)

I tried to get a group shot before we left. Oh, the fun that was!  I had my hand on Jonah to remind him NOT to move.  Saoirse was holding Jed's hands down as he kept trying to wave them around.  Aubrey finally had a decent face for this one.

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