Sunday, October 06, 2013

Going off line for a bit

It is time again for me to take a bit of a computer break.  We try to take a couple of those a year.  It seems now is the time for our family to refocus.  I have a lot that I do online, as far as classes, and the kids I won't be gone for too long :-)  But just so you know that I have not dropped off the face of the earth, all is well.

Speaking of well, I think I FINALLY kicked my sinus infection!  Yay!!  And it was the fermented foods!!!  Trust me after consistently taking over 160 billion strength for months now, and still having sinus issues....well it wasn't the pills that got me over it :-)  This last infection came very close to sending me in to get antibiotics, because nothing was working!  Nothing, until I started with the kefir, kombucha, and (finally) my fermented salsa and cabbage concoctions.  So I am hoping that I will remain well until I return to this space again in a few weeks.

Have a blessed day!

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