Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The first day of the new year

I wish I could say we had a smashing great day today.....but.....that isn't exactly the case.  Most children slept in, but not all.  I was a walking zombie for quite some time.  I figured that I would lay down for a nap when the baby went down for a nap.  I was trying to finish up the boarder of Aubrey's new sweater, but he woke up (waaaayyyy tooooo early) before I was finished.  I tried to get him to go back to sleep.  No go.  I guess we will just head to bed early tonight.

I went to upload the pictures from the park and clearly Isabella's camera is not working properly.  Everything was very pixilated.  I managed one that looks half way decent. 

Most of our plans for today were put by the wayside.  We normally take down our tree, but the kids all asked if we could keep it up a bit longer.  Being sick for two weeks and not even setting foot in the same room as the tree for those two weeks definitely makes it seem that we haven't had enough decoration time :-)  We will take the tree down next week.  We were supposed to make up our goal lists.  I think a few worked on them, but definitely something we need to keep working on.  Tomorrow we are to start the second semester of our school year and I am feeling unprepared.  I organized the school shelves, made sure we have all the needed books, but I can't seem to get my mind to run through how our day should go.   I was hoping we would have gotten through our to do list before we started back to school.  Sigh.  I guess we will have to tackle those things on the weekends. 

All the kiddos at the park.

Not much else to tell.  I did finish Aubrey's sweater, that I was making for his birthday.  It is WAY too BIG.  I tried it on him, and he is just tickled with it.  He was sitting there, looking like he was being swallowed by the sweater!  I can roll the sleeves up, but the neck area is too big as well.  Not sure if I should pass it on to one of the other boys and try my hand at a second attempt.  I really loved the colors, buttons and the over all look of the sweater.  I was trying to take a pattern for a 12 month old and scale it up for a 2 year old.  Apparently I need to spend some time working on that skill!

Here is the finished sweater.  Well, I guess it isn't officially finished as some of the yarn ends have not been woven in.   Thankfully I did as many as I could as I went along, so there are very few ends to weave in.  The coloring did not come out in the pictures.  There is much more green than these pictures relate.  And, yes, the pocket is a bit wonky.  Number one, I did not block the sweater before sewing it together.  Secondly, Saoirse begged me to let her sew the pocket on.  I did one side to get it started and she finished it.  I really need to get a set of round headed pins, and some t-pins as well.  Sometimes I find the lack of 'proper' tools can make a difference.  That's ok, I think it gives the sweater some character :-)  Plus, I know that Saoirse if very proud to have been able to help contribute to Aubrey's birthday present, and THAT makes any wonkiness worth it!

 I was hoping that a close up would give a better representation of the yarn colors.  You can see a bit more of the green, but it's still far from accurate.  The 'buttons' are wooden beads.  After I got them home I realized that securing them to the sweater may be an issue.  I have to say that I need to come up with a better way than what I did as the yarn securing the buttons has loosened considerably with little use.  I will have to get a picture of Aubrey actually wearing it for you to see how big this sweater really is.  He doesn't seem to mind.  He knows that the sweater is his and he let us know this by showing his displeasure at the idea of trying it on Jonah to see if it fit him better.  Ha, ha.

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