Sunday, January 20, 2013

Been a while

It seems that it's been a while since I last wrote.  We've had some good times and some bad.  Mostly good :-)  The bad will probably take a whole post on its own, but in brief.....Eating dinner one evening I swollowed some meat that didn't go down all the way.  As such, neither did anything else, including saliva.  My saliva glands were turned on high, which resulted in me choking every 30 to 60 seconds on my own saliva!  We headed to the ER as it was obvious this meat was not moving!  Thankfully though, upon entering the ER parking lot it moved!  Yeah!  I was left with a very swollen and sore throat for the next couple of days. 

The latest good?  It snowed :-)  We didn't get any snow last year, leaving us some very unhappy children.  This was Aubrey's first snow, that he has seen (I think it snowed soon after he was born), and it was Jonah's first all over again.  He was two the last time it snowed and clearly he hadn't remembered.  He was SO excited.  Early this morning we set out to a local school that has a huge hill out back.  Two of my kiddos learned a hard lesson about obedience.  We had told them to wait till Daddy had gone down to make the way.  But two kiddos went down on one sled, and said two kiddos did a wipe out.  Both got scraped up!  Poor things. 

Jonah was running all over the place.  I was sure he was going to take a nap.  I was right, but he didn't conck out until 5PM.  After some breakfast and cleaning the kiddos went out again for a bit of sled fun in our front yard.  Jed is quite upset about the snow melting.  We had a bit of a surprise with the snow.  We actually got it filmed on video.  Flannery has the video uploaded to her blog.  It's short, so go check it out.  The kids just bust out laughing every time they see the video.

We are dealing with a cold now, just weeks after having the flu.  Not fun.  Flannery came down with it first.  She's on day three but seems to be mostly over it.  Saoirse just came down with it.  Her cough seems to be worse than Flannery's. 

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