Saturday, January 05, 2013

No longer a baby

Although Aubrey still holds the status of 'the baby', he's no longer a baby.  He turned two years old today.  Wow!  Amazing.  He was greeted with his birthday sign upon waking up.  He saw it immediately after coming out of his room.  He gasped in awe and said, "MOMMY!!"  And then he proceeded to say, "Ish".  Ish, is a universal word that has been in Aubrey's vocabulary since he's been about 16 months old.  It stands for anything that Aubrey does not know the word for.

We had small plans to try to get outside today, but that didn't happen.  Hopefully tomorrow we can head out.  I whipped up a small bunting to hang up for Aubrey's celebration.  It came out really cute.  I really need to get my hands on some coordinating yarn.  I was blessed by a very large bag of free yarn.  I've used quite a few skeins of it for projects already.  But, because there are many different brands in the bag the texture, thickness and colors don't go together very well.  Most of them are great for a project that requires just one color.  But, I wanted to do a little something for his birthday, and this bunting worked up very quickly.

The girls made a really cute birthday sign for Aubrey.  Lots of really neat ideas from all of them!  The older two boys were impressed as well.  Jeremiah made a dash to the dollar store to pick up a couple of streamers.  And to round off the birthday celebration was cake, of course.  The girls made the cakes and Jonah got to put the candles on.  Jonah insisted on helping, but the girls didn't want their designs to be ruined.  So Jonah had to settle with a compromise :-)

Aubrey wasn't really sure about all this birthday stuff.  I would say, "It's your birthday, you are two years old now."  Aubrey would respond, "NO!"  Hmmm.  He warmed up when he was served one of his favorite meals (macaroni and cheese).  His facial expressions were pretty funny when we were singing to him.  When we told him to blow out the candles he was too afraid to!  He didn't want to get too close to the 'fire'.  His brothers were happy to help him out.

I think that's it.  A pretty simple day.  Here are the pictures that we snapped:

Lots to see!

I asked Isabella how to spell "evil" and she answered correctly.  However, that was not how she spelled it on the sign!

The wee bunting.

 Someone was sneaking the frosting!

 Want some?

 Cake number one.

 This is for me?

 Oops, the pictures got out of order.  This was after Aubrey opened his gifts.  He LOVES puzzles.

 Moira was kind enough to give the boys a bath so that I could get the streamers put up.

 Aubrey was enchanted with the streamers.

 You can't really see the colors, but they are blue and green on the ceiling, and white around the light.

 Cake number two.

 Aubrey was pretty interested in the lighting of the candles.

 Everyone giving a hand to blow out the candles.

Opening gifts.

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That poster is incredible!!!

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