Monday, December 17, 2012

The flu....officially

So, it's official....we have the flu.  By we, I mean 7 of us.  Moira was number 8, but she just got over it.  And me?  Hmmm, let's just say I have a funny tickle in my throat, a bit of the sniffles, and some sneezing.  I've been downing our elderberry syrup, and guzzling (alright, sipping, really) the immune-tea.  I plan on taking a hot bath and wrapping up head to toe and getting under the covers to hopefully get a head start in kicking the dreaded flu. 

Flannery and Saoirse are over the worst of it.  They are still feeling ill, weak and coughing, but they are able to get up and get around.  All three boys came down with it with in a few hours of each other.  Leaving Isabella the most current sufferer, coming down with it this morning. 

For those who know, Isabella always does things to the max.  Even when sick.  I mean if everyone else has a 101* fever, she has a 104.  If others have a bit of a cough, she's hacking a lung up.  So it didn't come as a surprise that if I had taken a picture of her a few hours ago that you wouldn't have even recognized her.  I'm totally serious.  Her eyes were so red and swollen they were almost swollen shut.  They were just tearing water non stop.  Non. Stop.  Most of her face was all red from the non stop water.

Jeremiah thought he was heading down the pneumonia path, and I took him into the urgent care.  That's how we learned that he has the flu.  And since he has what the rest of everyone else has....flu all around.  He started Tamaflu in hopes of getting back into work in a timely manner.

I always try natural means first when we are ill, if possible.  This time around was no different.  But, I also do not hesitate to resort to modern meds when the natural remedies are not strong enough.  With Moira, I was pretty sure she needed Belladonna (a homeopathic remedy).  I was correct.  However, I failed to take into account that she is very sensitive to remedies.  Not to mention that I failed to remember that our wireless was on.  This means that the Belladonna didn't do what I needed it to do.  She was getting worse by the minute.  This was probably due to the fact that the Belladonna was aggravating her condition since I gave her the remedy by mouth, instead of having her sniff it.  She had a bursting headache and was getting very weak.  So I brought out the Motrin.  After two hours she still had a bursting headache AND her temp was holding at 103!  This is when I called our homeopath.  We were able to get her heading in the right direction after a few tries. 

Everyone else has been able to tolerate the symptoms.  I try to let their fevers run for as long as they can stand it.  Actually it's not the fever that bothers them, it's the horrid headache.  So between our elderberry syrup, and immune-tea, I also give Motrin or Tylenol when needed.

Jeremiah and I will be interviewed on a survivalist radio show coming up.  This has me thinking about what we do, how we do it, and what our plans for the future are.  One of the things we are trying to do is to incorporate the 'old ways' into our everyday life.  That means getting back to real, whole foods.  That means learning to do more on less energy.  That also means using natural means to overcome illness.  Thankfully though, we are able to fall back on modern meds when needed.  Of course I pray that a day will never come when we don't have that option, case it does I want to know how to use these natural methods in a time of need.  Each year I try to find a couple of more remedies that I can dabble with, and see how they work for us. 

Alrighty, I need to get off and get a few things done before I try to artificially simulate a fever :-)  I think tomorrow, if I'm in good shape, I will show you a neat little 'gadget' that I found to help us with our natural remedy taking :-)

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