Thursday, December 20, 2012

New finds

We're hanging in here.  Although the boys are still feeling under the weather, they're over the worst of it.  Though they generally come down with a fever come evening time.  Jeremiah headed back to work.  The doctor told him that he could go back when he was fever free.  He's fever free now, but not pain free.  Still has all over body aches.  For the most part I'm able to be up and about, but I've been trying to rest as much as I can.  My biggest concern are my sinuses.  Very painful.  I know that the flu is an upper respiratory infection, so I expected lots of swelling and gunk.  I wasn't expecting very painful sinuses 24 hours into the flu.  I am praying that my sinuses don't get a secondary infection on top of the flu.  I've changed homeopathic remedies to see if I can address the sinus issue.  Time will tell.

When everyone was coming down with the flu I ran to the herbal store to get a bunch more elderberries to make some elderberry syrup.  I had a few plastic medicine cups that I was using to give the kids the syrup.  I only had 4 of the cups, but there are 9 of us in all.  That meant washing them, dosing the next few, washing again and dosing up the last one.  At the time some of them were a day or so away from coming down with it, but not knowing that, I certainly didn't want to infect anyone 'knowingly'.  The multiple washings, well it was getting old fast.  Take into account when you actually are sick, or you know you've been exposed to something you are supposed to take the elderberry syrup every hour. 

I was at Walmart, can't remember why, but decided to look for any little cup I could use for our medicinal syrup purposes.  I remember seeing plastic 'shot glasses' in the past.  I figured that they might be a bit too breakable.  I didn't find them, but found a much better option.  They are condiment containers.  They are metal (way better than breakable plastic!), and 2 ounces (1/4 cup), just perfect for little hands.  A four pack sold for $0.97.  Silly me only bought 2 packages.  After using them for days now I will make sure to pick up a couple more packages for any future needs.

I gave the cups their own photo shoot.  Um, yeah....what that means was I had 1 minute without a little boy trying to 'help' me to take a picture of our new found loves.  Oh, and I also picked up a measuring spoon that goes from 1/2 teaspoon all the way up to a tablespoon.  Ah, wonderful.  The boys only needed 1 tsp of the syrup.  The younger girls needed 2 tsp, and the oldest girls and adults needed a TBS.  One spoon to fit us all :-)  I'm telling you, it's the small things in life.

All lined up.  Four of these darling little cups.

The markings are already starting to smear, I'm sure constant use has something to do with it.

 Forgot to make a plug for these little bottles.  I was in desperate need of some new remedy bottles for use with our homeopathic remedies.  These are the same size as my brown bottles.  I was able to get these at Whole Foods for around $1.50 each.  The bottles I get from the homeopath are $2 each, and that was the cheapest that I found in the past.  These bottles do not have the glass dropper, those bottles were more expensive.  I figured we would be mostly doing olfactory doses (smelling the remedy) and if a need arose that we needed an oral dose I could just 'pour' some in :-)

Off for some more resting. 

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