Saturday, December 15, 2012

Giving a rain check

We've got some kind of yuck....flu maybe?  Four kiddos down with it.  Moira is on day 4, two are on day 2 and one just started today.  The baby is starting a runny nose, so maybe he is next.  This has been a hard hitter.  We used homeopathy for Moira, she was really struggling with this illness.  It got her over the hump.  I believe she needs another remedy, but with it being the weekend, and the fact that she is holding her own, I may just wait to call the homeopath back on Monday.

This means that I don't have time to type up a thought provoking post.  Someone is always needing me.  Currently I have some elderberries and other stuff brewing to make some elderberry syrup.  I didn't have any on hand for when they first started coming down with the yuck.  But I read it should still help them to get over it a bit faster. 

We were on a great roll around here, and like usual, we are sideswiped by sickness.  Always, always happens.  Every. Single. Time.

Off to cuddle with sick kiddos, or get them food, or drink, or do their chores (like feed animals, which is important!), etc.  Be back when I am able.

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