Monday, November 05, 2012

Some changes

Tomorrow *should* be the big day.  The day that Jed starts his hormone therapy.  I say, 'should', because from the information that I was given, it seemed that he was to use this special pen devise for his injections.  However, when we received his medicine on Saturday, along with the medicine came a huge bag of syringes.  No pen.  Obviously we can give him the injection with those, but if he was supposed to get the pen, and the nurse coming is supposed to train us how to use it, it seems a mute point for her to come here (train us with the syringes) then to come out again when/if we get the special pen. 

Either way I plan on measuring Jed, and getting pictures today just in case.  Not like he's going to sprout up Wed. morning, but knowing me I'll forget until he does indeed sprout!  I also want to weigh him, not like I don't know how much he weighs, he's only been at this same weight at least the last 6 or more months!  But I thought I would take a picture of the actual number on the scale.  Which will prove difficult as the battery just went out on it. Silly digital scales :-) At least I am hoping it's only the batteries.  Hopefully it isn't taking the same course as a lot of our things have in the past month.  Still no working oven.  Turns out it wasn't the heating element, but the wiring that goes to the heating element.  Back to the drawing board.

To commemorate this new phase of life (Jed growing!) I plan to change things up on here.  Ok, so it doesn't all have to do with Jed's new phase of life.  We found ourselves back into a rut, going no where.  Not a fun place to be.  There are things that have been 'waiting' for us to get to them.  And there are things that are really not working for us, that need changing.  So I plan to make it a project, of sorts, to document these changes.  Granted I talk about all sorts of things of here, but like our life, there really hasn't been much direction.  Not sure when I can pull it together.  I have a BIG project I am working on right now (making ornaments to sell), on top of that we just jumped in with GAPS intro today.  I've been meaning to put us back on it for at least two months now.  There really is never a 'good' time to start, so I just jumped in.  Of course having overall body pain almost daily, and sometimes most of the day was a tipping point.  I had a bunch of carbs/sugar the past two days and all yesterday from lunch on I was in pain. 

My biggest hurdle is really wanting to pull this project together so that I keep myself motivated to keep on keeping on.  I am hoping that even though we've started down the path to being more self sufficient there is still SO much we are not doing, or that we are doing poorly with, I can share our journey.  I want others to see that, yes, this may be hard, but it is doable.  And yes, you will make mistakes.  Yes, it's a lot of work.  And, YES, it is worth it :-) 

Off to tackle my very long list of food related prep work.

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