Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mama Bears can be Scary!

Forget about the animal kind....I'm talking about the human kind :-)  I know, because I felt like one yesterday. 

First off, our day, week...maybe month, was just not going well.  In a long string of unrelated events we were terribly late in arriving at the park where we were to meet some new friends.  Sigh.  Two weeks of sick kiddos, and a broken oven to boot round off our day. 

So we arrive at the park, where our new friends had already left (can't blame them, we were *exceedingly* late).  However, there was another family there, one we used to hang out with at soccer, back in the day.  They had a birthday party going on, so some of the children there did not all belong to this one family.  There was one boy, maybe around 8 years old, who kept kicking around a soccer ball.  Jedidiah asked me if he could go play with the boy.  I 'coached' him on what to say and off he went. 

I was SO PROUD of Jedidiah for going off and asking a stranger if he could play 'soccer' with him.  Now, I KNOW that Jed's speech issues are still there, but in the past year I haven't had to do too much translating for him.  I also know that Jed talks in a small voice.  BUT, I watched as Jed got up very close to this boy, and the boy wasn't doing anything but sitting on a ladder, and asked this boy if he could play ball with him.  This boy got up and walked AWAY, WITHOUT saying anything to Jedidiah.  GGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!  ROAR!!!  OOooops, gotta watch those mommy bears.

Then a while later, Jed sees the soccer ball unattended.  He asks me if he can play with it.  I tell him, no, it's not his ball.  I told him to take the ball to the boy and ask if he can play with it.  So he starts kicking it over to the boy, where he is intercepted by this boy's sister.  She takes the ball, runs over to her brother, and says, "That boy was trying to take your ball!"   WHAT?!

Jedidiah had the guts to ask this boy AGAIN to play with him, and that *&%^($##@ boy ignored him completely!  He just picked up his ball and walked away. 

Thankfully for this boy I had enough self control to keep my mouth shut...but just barely. 

Poor Jed.  I just told him that there are some kids who are not nice, in which case we dont' want to play with them anyways.  GRrrrrrr.....roar.....sigh.

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