Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally!! Some words for my inward feelings

These words, of course were not penned by me! Ha, ha.  I came across a new to me blog, that I found through the Barnyard Blog Hop (over at New Life on a Homestead).  There was an article there that really, really put the words to the feelings I've had over the past year.  Seeing the state of our country has let us to become more determined to provide for ourselves.  I read a small snippet of what someone wrote about how this lifestyle was the same lifestyle that was considered "NORMAL" not even 100 years ago.  This new to me website has a similar article.  But I just LOVE the terminology she uses to describe the 'self sufficient life', or what many are calling the prepper or survivalist movement:  self-contained household economies. 

 I encourage you to read her article HERE.  This has been my goal.  Seeing that our great economy, our massive, though frail, infrastructure and all our modern conveniences in danger of being able to continue on as we have always known them, I set out to find a way (the old or *normal* way as it would be) to provide for my family.  To be, as the Granny Miller would say, the (then) common American housewife.  To learn the forgotten skills.  To make connections with those who have the skills I lack.  To me, I'm in this for the long haul, as a way of life, whether our economy fairs well or not. 

I would like to write more, but little boys need to get outside :-)  I've only read one article on that blog site, but I'm pretty excited to dive in and read about her experiences of being the (then) typical American housewife! 


Jeremiah said...

Not enough mention of guns. Lots of guns.

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Yes, well that is why I said that post was for *MY* inward feelings :-) Housewives typically are not thinking, guns, guns, guns, that gun, this gun, and the other gun. We are thinking, diapers, snacks, garden, goats, sick animals, chickens, children, schooling, more food to cook, how to save money, laundry, dogs eating chickens, more food, store food, children, more laundry, oh and more food:-)

I guess you will have to find a different article that expresses your inward feelings :-)


Anonymous said...

Jeremiah (*smile*)
I keep a 12 gauge pump behind my apron in the pantry.
A 20 gauge over/under in the broom closet.
I've concealed carried for over 25 years & never go to the barn for chores without a firearm.

Wishing you both all the very best this life has to offer.

Granny Miller

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