Tuesday, October 02, 2012


YES, I am YELLING.  I'm yelling from the roof top.  We have answers for Jedidiah.  I'm crying as I type this.  Six long years.  I can be SOOOOO thankful we are not dealing with some horrid disease, but I can't help crying over the finality of finding something, JUST SOMETHING that is wrong.  His endocrinologist just called.  His test results were in.  A child should have a number over 10, and his highest number that he reached during the whole test was a 7.1.  His thyroid was fine, and believe it or not his insulin was FINE!  Hello!  However, she did say that they did expected to see some keytones in his urine due to fasting, and there were none.  Although that isn't totally unheard of, it is just one more symptom of lack of growth hormone, has something to do with not being able to metabolize fat (which may be why the poor child is stick thin). 

I'm relieved and overwhelmed all at once!  Crazy.  His doctor said it may take a good month before he actually starts the injections as we have to work things out with insurance.  My only concern at this point was his doctor saying things like, "Well, it looks like it could be low growth hormone after all."  Um, I thought this was the test of tests for growth hormone?  I may get a second opinion as a friend of ours has an endo doctor that they really love.  I may just take his test results to him to see if this is indeed conclusive enough to start him on the hormones.  Thankfully, though, there will be no negative side effects should we have to stop the injections, if there was indeed a possibility that this isn't totally conclusive.  But, this is the ONLY thing we've gotten from all the testing he has had over the years.

 Finally?  My boy may actually start to grow?  I'm excited and terrified.

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