Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pulmonary update and pictures

Thankfully, no pictures of pulmonary :-)  Just teasing.  Jed had his appointment the other day with the pulmonologist.  This doctor totally surprised me.  We must have talked for at least 10 to 15 minutes before he examined Jed.  He was a very serious, straight face man.  In short there seems to be nothing wrong with Jed.  He has to review the x-ray as it wasn't sent with the report, but he is pretty certain that he will not be finding anything of merit.  Basically people don't just go and get chest x-ray's for no reason.  So when a radiologist has to read one, he is looking to find something.  With his examination and my description of the cough and it's effect (or lack there of) on his life, he felt there was no need for any action.  Phew! The surprising part was when he asked Jed to hop up on the examine table.  This straight faced doctor turned into a comdedian!!  No joke!  It was hysterical.  Totally didn't see that one coming.  Ha, ha. Just one week away to Jed's endo testing.  I will be VERY much anticipating their results.

The boys, two middle girls and I were out bright and early.  Scratch that.  Actually Jeremiah and Flannery beat us all in the getting out early bit.  Jeremiah is helping to start up a cross country running team.  Flannery is joining in on the fun.  So they were up very early for practice.  Although I woke up before them, all of my movement ceased once I reached the couch!  Ha, ha.

Once I fully woke up the said grouping of us went outside for some early morning fun.  I was hoping it would help me to be more productive.  Attempt failed.  Oh, well.  I need to get back to drinking a lot of water and some of the other things I was doing that seemed to be helping me with needed energy.

When we came in I was putting around on the computer and the baby fell asleep nursing.  I was able to move him to our bed to finish his nap.  Nap time is usually where I try to jump in and get some stuff done.  Ah, yes, it all sounds good in theory ;-)  Energy, where art thou?  I did make it up to the attic to drag/throw some winter clothing down.  By golly we might get chilly enough temps this year to warrant all of the clothes sorting/washing/sizing that a change of seasons warrants.  My journey to the upper depths of despair attic, was cut short as I was having so much little boy help.  We ended up coming down with more than I had anticipated.  When the boys are not looking I will have to throw all of those goodies back up there!

I have to share a little story.  The Rainbow Hat Story.  Once there was a little boy who wanted me to make him a hat.  I don't remember how it came to be that he asked me, or what prompted him to ask.  But ask he did.  So I did a little search online for knitted/crochet boy hats.  I found a neat pattern.  I want to say it was called the Noro hat?  One version had stripes.  I called the boy over to see if it was a pleasing hat style.  He immediately said, "Oh, I want a rainbow hat too!!"  How cute, I thought.  A rainbow hat.  Alrighty, we shall call it The Rainbow Hat.  I imagined in my head what it would look like, thinking of the possible colors.  We were shopping one day, and a detour down the yarn aisle was in order.  Immediately the boy spotted his yarn.  Rainbow.  Think CLOWN rainbow and you get a decent picture of it!  I tried to gently persuade him to reconsider.  Right next to the clown rainbow yarn was a much more pleasing palette of rainbow colored yarn.  But the boy would not budge.  I reasoned with myself that this was not a hat that I was going to have to wear, so why did it matter.  (Although, we would be the ones *seeing* it, since after all it will be on the boy's head!)  I had to reconsider the design since the yarn did not lend itself to the pattern.  I found a very, very simple knitted hat pattern that worked much better.  And to my amazement....the hat came out cute!  Imagine that!  I was going to crochet his hat, but this yarn seemed to yell....KNIT ME.  So there you have it, the Rainbow Hat Story.  Pictures are in order.

But before I post the pictures of the day, I must say a big thank you to our eldest daughter for planting a ton of lettuce, cabbage and spinach in the garden.  I've been terribly slack in the gardening area.  I do believe we will have to purchase some plastic and poles to put over the lettuce in the coming months since we may have planted too late.  We shall see.

The boy, AKA Jonah, sporting his Rainbow Hat.  Take no note that I can never seem to do a decent job of sewing the seams when it comes to yarn items.

Jonah brought a few things outside to play with.  One being a headless Thor.  Lovely.

The boys have been obsessed with this seed caster!  They fight over it all the time.  All.  The.  Time. 

This thrown in because Isabella said she thought it was cute.  Jonah sporting Thor's frozen hammer thingie. 

Up and down the driveway. Back and forth.  He said he was Bob the Builder.  The recent rains have made a mess of our driveway and a small part of our dirt road.  The boys were out there trying to fix it.

This yarn made a neat rainbow on one side of the hat.  It doesn't show up too well here.  Oh, well, you'll have to take my word for it.

A walk up the road.  Aubrey pulled me along to let me know he wanted to take a walk.  The sun was shining right over the road.  I thought it looked neat.

Not sure why this picture is rotated that way, but never the less the cuteness factor remains high.

The leaves were glowing with the light behind them.

Between the action and the back lighting I really like this one.

I was trying to capture some shadows.  By golly those boys move fast :-)

Jed was able to wrestle the seed caster away from Jonah for a turn.  He pushed this all the way up the hill.

Aubrey was playing on this wooden beam.

I realized that there are few pictures of me, and I thought I would take one.  I started laughing at some antics of Aubrey.

The boys hanging out.

Aubrey picking up some rocks...

...and then throwing them.  Good fun.

And for some laughs.  I tried to get Jonah to smile a decent smile, and this is what I kept getting.  Silly boy.

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momto5 said...

isn't it funny how yarn will do that. the hat looks great.

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