Saturday, September 08, 2012

Picture Overload

I've jumped back in to taking photos.  Yesterday and today were great days to get outside.  This coming week is going to be even better with lower temps! Yeah!  I decided to put the photos into collages to keep this post from being a mile long...not that that has stopped me before from posting a million pics :-)  It is getting late, so there won't be a lot of explanation to the pics.

Some Aubrey goodness.  Good thing he's so cute.  Seems like I remember saying that before.  He has not been sleeping well the past two days.  You couldn't tell from these pictures!

It's funny what my kids will do willingly, all on their own.  The younger three girls decided to clean the porch.  When they first told me that they were going to do that I figured they were just going to pick up the wayward items that found their way to the porch.  They did do that, and then more!  They scrubbed that porch down till it almost shines!  It's taken them a few days to do it.  They've been doing the floor in sections.  Today the boys got in on the cleaning action.  They used up 3/4 of a bottle of dish soap...the *large* bottle that I buy at BJ's.  People, that's a LOT of soap!

Jedidiah in action.  He looks so much older in that first picture.

Some Jonah love.  I'm not sure how much the cat appreciated the affection :-)  I do believe that the wee tomato Jonah has is our last for the season.  So sad.

Some sensory fun!  I had the very, very old rice that I needed to get rid of.  Before I compost it (or the chickens eat it), I put it in a plastic box and buried some toys in it.  The younger kids had a blast!  Now our very clean porch has rice all over it.  I was going to vacuum it up, but a big storm rolled in before I got the chance.  I did however get the chance to vacuum up a bunch of rice that made it's way out of the bucket when I brought it inside.  Oh, the fun never ends :-)

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