Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making muffins with Jed

First, I have to say I've been totally slacking on our birthday posts!!!  My goodness what kind of mother am I?  A busy one?  Ha, ha!  We've had two birthdays already this month, with the third coming tomorrow!  Hopefully I can get those up soon.  Better late than never, right?

This morning I decided we would have pumpkin muffins for breakfast.  Jed has been wanting to help out around the house a lot more.  He has been helping to clean and cook.  It is pretty neat to see.  He has never really been very involved in the things I do.  Jonah, on the other hand, and Aubrey, and most of the girls for that matter, usually want to help me with what I am doing.  Even if I invite him over, or ask him if he wants to join in....nope.  He would usually do his own thing.  The past month has been different.  He's been pulling up a chair to help me with what I am doing.  So this morning he decided that *he* was going to make the muffins :-)  He wanted to count everything we put in.  For the most part that wasn't a problem.  Four teaspoons of this, two of that.  It got a bit more daunting when he wanted to scoop out the pumpkin, on his own, one little scoop at a time...and count each scoop!  It only took him 21 scoops :-)  The funny thing is that he thinks that last number in any of our counting needs to be zero.  After he says zero, he will say, "Blast off!"  Too funny.

I decided to grab the camera as he was filling up the muffin tins.  All by himself, mind you.

Jed is very serious about his work.  No kidding!  I am just so happy that he is wanting to be involved.  And I am surprised that he is very capable of doing so.  I know he's six already, but like I said, he just never really helps with these types of things, but he did a great job.

He still has some of his sensory issues, so he kind of got upset when some of the batter fell on his leg!  He really, really needed a towel, ASAP.  I thought that maybe he would give it up after that (which is something he would do in the past), but he kept on working!

Jed, you need to turn that fork around and use the rounded side.   All that flour you see on the table is compliments of Aubrey. 

 Messes are inevitable with little hands.

Muffins are very forgiving :-)  I had to do a wee bit of adjusting in the end, but Jed did a great job!

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