Friday, June 01, 2012

Why I've been missing in action

Two comments in a day after only posting two posts in a month!  There is a reason.  I wish I could say it was a good reason.  As any long term reader knows I stick with the basics.  This boils down to writing about life with a large family.  Lots and lots of things can be encompassed in that, I mean what *doesn't* affect a large (or any size family for that matter!!) family.  I have only written a couple posts on politics or my concern there of.  I've stayed away from such things like conspiracy theories or 'end of the world' banter.  Not that I haven't seen, or heard it, but I try to steer clear.  I mean, I have enough on my plate than to take on the world.  But recently that has changed.  Recently it has become evident that things may be changing in our country and NOT for the better.  As such I have been spending more time reading some of these issues and attempting to prepare, the best that I can, my family for the coming possibilities (physically speaking, which I am a fry cry far from being ready!!).

In a nut shell...I've been depressed.  Life as we know it may be changing (and soon), and it may never be the same again.  It's been pretty hard to get on here to write about daily life things (like the praying mantis that was found, or our diet change experience, or the new chicks, or seeing old friends...) .  It has been hard to engage in life.  I know that this is WRONG, but that is where I am at.  Kind of hard to really enjoy and engage in life when there seems to be no stopping what may be coming.  Hard to enjoy the little things when thoughts of being on the run, being persecuted, starving, your children dying because you can't access the basics of health care, or concentration camps are running through your head.  I am sure some of you may be thinking I have gone off the deep end, but I urge you to do your own research on these things.  The US has been training it's troops for civil unrest for the past handful of years, and it seems they are expecting a 'situation' coming soon.  I am very thankful for all I have, for the privileges I've grown up with.  I desire those same things for my children, and it breaks my heart to think that that may not happen.  I worry for their safety.  A huge fear is being separated from them.  The correct answer for all of this is to give my concerns over to God.  But sometimes it takes a while for that correct answer to become a reality.  After googling "Can America be saved?" I almost wanted to cry.  But I found one site, that echoed my heart.  Something I had been thinking about and was wondering how to implement (wide scale that is).  It's called, 40 Days to Save America.  I certainly don't think we should wait till the 40 days before the next presidential election to do something, but they have the right idea.  Please take a moment to look over their site and pass along their link.

There are many examples of God interceding for a country when that country falls to their knees in repentance.  I don't think we should wait till the fall to do this, but it would be good to come before God as a nation during this appointed time.  So this summer I plan on pouring my heart out to the Lord, the only one that can save us.  I know that we as a country deserve any punishment that we may experience.  But I also know that God is forgiving, and when people, as a nation, fall to their knees He may be willing to hold back that punishment.  I pray that there is a large enough remnant of repenters to call upon His Holy name to save our country.

There is much more I could write.  But I will leave off here.  My plan of action is to stop reading about this topic.  I know it's there, and from what I've read, not much hope to do anything about it, so more reading isn't going to help me.  Not to mention the worry and angst in which I have been living.  I want to enjoy life with my family.  I want to stop thinking, "I better enjoy this picnic, it may be the last one we go to (speaking of the Memorial Day picnic we went to)."  I know all the "right" theological come backs for my angst, I suppose for now I am not spiritually strong enough to find rest in those theologically correct positions.  I will spend extra time on my knees, and trying to prepare as best physically.  The results will be up to the Lord, and I can only pray that I will indeed find peace in that.


Shannon Pate said...

I definitely don't think you've gone off the deep end. I am not a very religious person. However, I grew up that way... having always been a member of The First Assembly of God. I've been watching Doomsday Preppers a lot and wonder "should we be preparing for whatever is coming?" Or just sit back and wait for it to happen? If you believe what the Bible says, you know it's coming. It's inevitable. But do you just have Faith that you'll be spared, or GET READY??? I don't think there's anything we can do to change the course of things? But I'm definitely going to read the website you suggested!!

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Thank you Shannon for commenting. I don't neccessarily believe it's 'the end', but I do think we are looking at the end of America. I haven't watched the DP show, but have heard of it. I think it is prudent to prepare only because we really do not know if it's the "end, end" :-) Better to be safe than sorry. Not that going to heaven is a bad thing! Ha, ha. The site in my post is for prayer and fasting for our country. There are many great prepper sites, one that I really like is called The Survival Mom :


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