Sunday, June 24, 2012

Testing week done!!

Yeah, the annual year end testing is all done!  I had to do three separate testing groups, one for Saoirse, one for Flannery and Moira, and one for Isabella.  They took two tests a day, for 5 days.  As we were preparing to set up a testing area in my bedroom the girls insisted we had a small table upstairs we could use.  I was pretty sure we sold it in a yard sale.  Come to find out I was right.  Although we did have our small 'preschool' sized table that is supposed to have adjustable legs sitting up there.  For years and years we've had that round table in one of our rooms.  But recently we put it up as space just seems to be getting smaller :-)  A good look at the legs and is was apparent that there was no way I was going to be able to adjust them! Hmmm, now what.  Improvise!  Not very conventional to say the least, but functional.  This is where we spent many an hour the last week:

UGH!!  I've written this post at least 5 times over and it refuses to allow me to write any more than the above paragraph.  Can you see the steam coming out of the computer?  Grrrr.  Let me try again....

 In my recent round of decluttering and reorganizing I made a set up for our bulk foods in my bedroom.  You can see the components above, but I moved them all around to make this testing desk. I'll have to take a picture sometime of what the set up looks like normally :-)

 There was plenty of natural light for their testing week.  And they had the fan blowing on them all week as well.  We've been trying to make it to July 1st AC free.

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