Sunday, June 24, 2012

Adventures in Yard Work

I haven't finished my post on the other buggies we dealt with 9 plus months ago. But someting else came up that I thought I would write on.  That being our, or in this case, my, latest adventure in yard work.  I have had the girls go out in the yard to pick up the stray items that find their way around the place.  It seems that no  matter how many times I've sent them out there that they don't seem to understand what I mean by "Picking up ALL items/trash/stuff from the yard!".  So two days ago I went out there with them to show them what I meant.  The girls took turns watching the boys as I went around with the girls showing them what I wanted picked up.  Finally, FINALY, ***FINALLY*** all the junk has been picked up :-)  We did it in quick order too, so seeing as how I was ahead of things time wise, I thought I would throw in an extra bonus....mowing the lawn.  I had some of the girls bring in the boys, as it is too dangerous for little boys to be roaming the yard when the mower is running.  The other girls went around the yard picking up or moving any large rocks, or bikes.  I thought I pretty much covered the needed safety issues.  How wrong I was.  Silly me, since this was spur of the moment, I didn't go in to change my shoes.  I was wearing my sandles.  Note to self....sandles are BAD when you are mowing.  So here I was mowing along the edge of the garden (think mulch/sticks being mixed in with the grass), and happened so fast, I got stabbed with a stick on the top of my foot.  Boy did that hurt.  It was hurting much more than I thought it should, so I stopped to take a look.  There was a bit of a very small scrape and a small round circle from the stab.  I rinsed it off with the hose that was running.  It wasn't bleeding much at all, and so I went on my way, I still had some yard left to mow. 

I was over heated by the time I got done, so my first order of business was to cool off.  Normally I am pretty religious when it comes to washing off wounds.  You can call me a bit of a germ freak.  So it was not normal for me to wait.  Of course all of this was going to work against me in the coming hours, but I had no idea at the time what I was in for.  So after I cooled off I went off to the tub to wash my foot.  It had been at least 45 minutes since I was "stabbed".  As I went to rub the spot, I had severe pain shooting through my foot!!  OWWWW!  Alrighty, that is NOT normal.  After rinsing and ever so carefully washing it, I was able to see a bit of wood.  Ah ha, a splinter.  I washed off my tweezers and went to pull out the splinter.  Come to find out that this splinter went almost straight *down* into my foot, not the normal piece of wood just under the skin.  Let me just say that it hurt!  It was very hard to get out.  I knew I had some choices to make.  A deep puncture wound (the wood was 3/8 of an inch long) can cause issues since it's not easy to wash out.  I did some soaking in epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide.  I took some remedies for tetnus and pain.  I figured I would watch it to see what happened.  By the next day the area was all pink around it (2.5 inch diamater), and continued to be painful.  Not much changed most of the day.  I wondered if I should call our homeopath.  I thought I would wait till the next day.  But things changed quickly last night.  Over six hours my foot got definitely worse.  So much so that waiting till the next morning wasn't looking like an option.  So I went to the ER.  This particular ER has always been pretty empty.  Not last night.  Three hours in the waiting room (typical of most ER's I know, just not this one).  An X-ray to see if they could see if anything was still stuck in there, a tetnus shot, an antibiotic and some motrin.  I wish I had the time to call the homeopath, but I made the right call.  My foot looks better already.  It's still pink and swollen, but not to the extent that it was.  You all know I am not fond of antibiotics, but this definitely wasn't going to wait till the following morning.  I guess I'll be downing some probiotics in the near future.

Hopefully we won't have a repeat of any such events in the future.

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