Sunday, December 11, 2011

Play Time in the Cold

Please note that "cold" is a relative term :-)  It was a whopping 50 degrees out the other day.  You'll see that in some ways our time is the same.  Some things differ, like when Jonah catches on that it is much colder than the day before.  Jeremiah helped to load the pictures and decided to add captions to them.  I decided to leave his up (His will be in black) and to add mine as I had planned (in blue).

 My new Danskin clogs
See, layers were in order.  Hey, you know you can get hypothermia in 50 degree weather don't you?

Aubrey exploring... dirt.
This little boy's footsies had to be baby toes to admire.

Aubrey sharing his rock
Aubrey learning to share.  I'm sure it is easier to do so with a rock, let's see if it transfers over to when he has some ice cream :-)

Flannery's left foot, painted nails
Sandals are still in use in these parts.

Carefully making hopscotch fun
Hopscotch in miniature.

A girl and her grid
This game of hopscotch was done in jackets and shoes!

Shoes definitely not required
Apparently the shoes didn't last long.

I'm, like, reading
We have a wide variety of activities we do when we are outside.  Running, building, creek wading are popular, but every once in a while it's nice to be outside with a good book.

Uhhh, yeah, still reading

You can't see me!
Trying to keep warm as we wait for friends to arrive.

Unfortunately our friends were not able to make it.  So instead we just took some pictures. 

Austere pre-teen
Moira while waiting.

Jonah cuddling up
Jonah finally figured out that it was cold outside.  He went in to grab some blankets.  It was soon after this that we headed inside as everyone was chilled to the bone.

Yep, still reading... and Jonah is cuddling up
Jonah tried to share Bella's blanket first, but then he decided he needed his own (as seen above).

There you have it.  Our weekend was rounded off with church and hanging out around here.  I've gotten a ton of their school planning done so far, but more is needed to be done.  The reason it is taking so long is that I am trying to incorporate two curriculums together.  We are also putting in the other 'subjects' that we were not doing last semester.  And because we hadn't been doing them it is taking me some time to figure out how to best approach them so that our days run smoothly.  I'll show my new schedule when it gets done.  We are taking a mini break from school for the rest of the year. The oldest two have one more science class (it resumes in January), and the girls will be doing one math lesson daily (as they are behind).  Other than that my focus will be to get their schedule done and to finish our decluttering.


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