Saturday, December 03, 2011

Outside time

A few days of pictures from the out of doors.

Just starting out.  Bucket in hand.

Leaves are always a good thing to fill a bucket with.

Jed becomes apprehensive over the goats.

This picture and the next are out of order.  This would be Jed after I have reassured him that the big goats are not in the middle area.

This is Jed worried that the big goats may come after him.  They have a tendency to nibble on his ears, and he does NOT like that!

Moira decked out in a dress and work boots.  Who says you can't have style when you are raking leaves?

Jed and Jonah love to push Aubrey on the swing.  Jonah prefers to twist Aubrey around.

As you can see, Aubrey doesn't mind one bit.

Jed's turn to rake the leaves.  He still prefers the two colored boot look.

Aubrey enjoys being on the ground now to explore.  Unfortunately that involves test tasting!  Yuck!

He was showing Saoirse his new found treasures, which dropped out of his hand right before I clicked the button.

Flannery's swing is up and running.

Trying for that sun flare look.

I had to ask Flannery to be still so I could take a picture.  Getting a still picture of Flannery is hard to come by.

Contemplating life.

The sky looked really beautiful the other day, with the moon out.

One of our favorite rocks (the big one on the left).

Jonah was very upset that he missed out on helping Daddy fix the porch pickets.  He had to make up for lost tool time :-)

He decided to dig up a bunch of dirt with the hammer.  At least I didn't have to worry about a banged up finger!

These wood boards serve as a ladder for the girls to get over our back fence.  Sometimes they have to catch a chicken, or an escaped goat, and with no back gate, this was the easiest set up.

I've really been into sky pictures lately.

Pippi. She's such a sweet goat.  No, really.  I never thought that goats had personalities....until we had some ourselves.

Our new addition to the farm.  This my friends would be a male.  That means we should have some baby goats in about five months, and that spells m.i.l.k.  :-)

Some two handed photography going on.  Ha!  I just went around taking pictures of all sorts of odd things.

Trees, lower branch in focus.

Now that lower branch is out of focus, but you can see the rest of the tree.  I love aperture :-)

Hammer.  All alone.  No boy in site!

Just some weeds up front.  But I thought they looked nice.  At least up close.  They reach about 6 feet or so.

The gate that children MUST stop at when we go fetch the mail.  They always run ahead and this is the designated stopping place.  The road that we live off of is 55mph. 

Walking, or running for some, back from the mail.

The majority of the trees around us are oak or pine.

Only two leaves were left of on this tree.  I really loved the deep color.

The next couple of pics are of Aubrey and I had to desaturate them as the orange in Jeremiah's shirt was reflecting off of his face.  With as round as cheeks as he has, he sort of resembled a pumpkin :-)

This sweet babe is getting his top teeth in.  Ouch.

Ok, I'm melting now.  I just want to eat him up.

Aubrey has learned a few handy skills, such as pointing.

And waving.

The sky above our house this evening.

I surrender.

Well, not before I find some more treasure.

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