Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Christmas Pictures

So we set up a little area in our bathroom (which has the brightest light in the house), to take some pictures.  Isabella mentioned how we should get some professional pictures taken for Christmas. Well that just wasn't going to happen.  So before I knew it the girls pulled out their makeup and dresses and asked to get their pictures taken here at home.  We put up a white bed sheet and taped some Christmas lights to the sheet for some sparkly glow.  I'm not sure if the glow effect worked as well as we hoped, but we did get some nice pictures.  You may have already seen these on the girls' blogs, but if not, here they are:



Flannery.  For some reason she didn't want to give a big smile.

Saoirse, who is looking much older than her 7 years.

Jedidiah.  Scrapes, bumps and all :-)

His pictures are on the dark side as I didn't edit them yet.


It was impossible to keep this boy in one spot!


Cute as usual :-)

1 comment:

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Lovely Christmas pictures. I like the glow of the lights on the sheets. And, honestly, I think you did better than most professional photo joints.


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