Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Prayers for Jed...and Me...and...

well, lets just make it for the whole family shall we? 

So, what's up with Jed?  It never is a dull moment around these parts.  Yesterday proved that all the more.  I was sitting in the family room, right outside the boys bedroom.  I heard this "thunk", or maybe more of a "thud", but it was quiet.  I was actually surprised to hear Jed start crying, as it didn't seem like whatever happened was that bad.  After the first couple of seconds of crying I could tell, this was more serious than I first anticipated.  I had the baby in my arms, I can't remember what I was doing with him, but I couldn't just plop him down.  I called one of the girls over to grab the baby so I could go see what happened.  As Moira was walking over to me, she could see into the boys room.  She *exclaims*, "MOM, Jed's bleeding, and there's blood EVERYWHERE!!"  Um, that can't be good.  I asked her where he was bleeding, and then, "come take the baby!"  She was able to tell me that he was bleeding from his mouth.  I hate facial injuries.  I'm not sure why, but they really freak me out.  So I was able to get to him, and see that he was indeed bleeding, a lot.  We got him ice, and applied pressure.  After about 10 minutes I gave him some Motrin for any pain and swelling.  I had him rinse with water so that I could have a look.  Well, it certainly didn't look pretty, but I really wasn't sure if it was stitch worthy.  We held some more ice, and rinsed some more.  The cut (which was caused when his fell on his bed frame...that was the "thunk") was only about 3/8 of an inch wide.  It was certainly jagged, but didn't seem very deep.  Little did I know, that was just the edge of the gash.  I had him rinse multiple times the rest of the day and would keep looking at it to see how it was doing.  There was the obvious swelling, and some bruising, and the cut.  It looked yucky over all, but again, not stitch worthy.  Until....today.

  This morning Jed's lip was more swollen then the day before, but I expected that as he hadn't had a round of Motrin in the over night hours.  We needed to get out to get the girls to their science class.  The rest of us hung out at the park, until their class was over.  I was getting Jed strapped back into his car seat, to go pick the girls up, when I noticed his lip looked funny (on the inside, but seen from the angle I was at).  I pulled his lip back a bit and I just about passed out from what I saw.  Did I mention I don't do well with facial wounds?  This 3/8 of an inch cut was more like a 2 inch gash!! The swelling that happened overnight had pushed what ever part of the gash that was holding together on it's own, totally wide open!!  A longer story made shorter, Jed was seen in the ER.  It had only been 24 hours, but the wound was *already* infected!!  What!?!  My sister told me that mouth wounds were *really* bad, but I was still surprised that it was already infected in such a short time.  So Jed started a round of antibiotics this evening.  But because mouth wounds are that bad I am asking for prayers for a quick healing.  Let's just say I cried a river of tears over it all this afternoon.  Due to one word....abscess.  I really can't go there again.  Please pray that the antibiotics cover his infection completely, and that no other complications will result. 

As for me?  Sinus issues again.  Sigh.  Cold?  Yeast?  Not sure right now.  But what I do know is that whenever my sinuses get "wet", I 'catch' a bacterial infection.  I just got done with a round of antibiotics last month.  We are still adhering to the GAPS diet, and I am positive, that in the long run we will overcome all these issues, sinuses included.  However, it's going to take time.  In the mean time, I need to find some way to lessen the likelihood of getting 'wet' sinuses.  Not sure if that is even possible.  Either way, prayers are welcome.  I was so very sick with my last sinus infection, I most certainly won't let that happen again, but non the less it's disturbing to think I'm heading down the sinus infection path so soon after the last infection. 

As for the family?  Well, just to cover our bases ;-)  I will be writing about our family pow-wow that we had a few days ago.  Good stuff, hard stuff.  Right now I'm off to wash out Jed's mouth, then put the boys to bed.  I think I will be hitting the hay myself after that.  The baby has been waking up at 5:30 since the time change.  Speaking of the time change, I think I want to sue who ever is in charge of this time change for loss of sleep :-)  Can I do that?  ha, ha!!!

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