Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Purging Weekend

So far so good.  Although I wish we made a bit more headway.  But every bit counts, right?  My laundry room looks awesome.  All the rooms got cleaned, and the girls say that they have all their things boxed up.  I'll go in there later to take things up to the attic.  Then we will have two rooms done, oh wait, no three, as they say their bedroom is done. 

After doing a bunch of work, we took a break and went outside...ya know, for some vitamin D :-)  I was thankful for a warm day.  I've got another sinus infection in the works, so I'm trying to cut it off with some sunshine, garlic and some echinacea/goldenseal pills.  Everyone has been, for the most part, feeling ok.  A couple of minor issues.  However, Saoirse is still having headaches, and feels dizzy, although not as often.  I think a trip to our holistic practitioner is in order.  I need to find out the root cause of it.  Otherwise I'm not sure how to address it.  The headaches started after we started the diet, and when she came down with croup.  Not sure if those are coincidences or not, but I would like to find out. 

When we went outside to day the baby was napping (Isa stayed in to listen out for him), and I took my camera.  Most of the time, like 95%  of the time when I am taking pictures I have a baby in my arms.  It's a nice change to have two arms free to take pictures.  Below are some of my two armed photos :-)

I love capturing the normal everyday things around here.  I have been trying different styles of photography to see what fits me best.  I love the photography style of SouleMama, and other 'real life' photographers.  I have another favorite, but her link is on the other computer.  The first thing Saoirse did was to gather up the eggs.  She didn't want to take them inside, so she spent half her outside time making a special spot for'll see where at the end of this post.

Jonah and Jed spent most of their time chasing chickens.  Jonah was successful, Jed was not.

A chicken whisperer in the making?

Jonah found a seat to sit in to hang out with his catch.

I have a feeling that the good feelings are only one sided, especially when Jonah gets ideas....

...ideas like giving a chicken a ride.

I love the different colors of our Americanas.  Some are dark, like the one above, and some are a cream/yellow coloring.  Very pretty.

This is a Buff Orpington.  I just liked the set up, with the chicken running in the foreground, and a peek of Jonah running in the background.

I decided to check on what the other girls were doing.  You can see them in our woods.

They were goat sitting :-)  We let the goats out to get some roughage.

Flannery was working on something.

Banging away.

Gathering up rope.

Ta-da...a swing.  Now where to put it?

On a low lying limb.  However, there was a large stone under the swing. We persuaded her that it wasn't the most wisest of spots.

Moira was working on something as well, but I never found out what.

Sometimes things come out a bit blurry, or 'off'.  But I found that I still loved the 'captured moment', blur and all.

It's not about the perfect shot.  It's being there.  Hanging out with my kiddos and taking a snap every now and again.

I enjoy trying to capture different angles.

Capturing life.  That's what it's about.

I really love this one.

Time to head back to the other kiddos.  Saoirse, Jed and Jonah are afraid of the goats.  So they stayed behind the fence.  Jonah was hanging on the fence trying to see what we were up to.

This one is pretty cute.

So here are those eggs we saw in the beginning.  Saoirse made a nest for them.  Yes, a nest.  But where was this nest?

Ah, yes, of course.  In the jogging stroller.  Thankfully this is a play stroller :-)

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