Friday, February 11, 2011

not much to post

  So the past few days have pretty much been summed up with holding, rocking, nursing a baby.  A sick baby at that!  Yes, the dreaded sickies have visited our home.  Thankfully it is only a cold, nothing more.  But that  has meant a very stuffy and fussy baby.  I am getting the feeling that when this child gets sick we are in for some major complaining!  Ha, ha!  I had been in the middle of sleep training, which was going very well, when Aubrey got sick.  Time to lay that aside until he was feeling better.  Last night seemed to be the night, if for no other reason both he and I were totally exhausted.  I've been up many an hour during the middle of the nights with Aubrey.  Walking with him, or steaming in the bathroom to open up his stuffy nose.  Yesterday afternoon I was seeing that his nose wasn't so stuffy.  Then last night I had pretty much exhausted all my recourses to get him to sleep.  The one thing that has never failed was putting him in the Moby wrap.  But last night I think he was so exhausted and overtired that even that didn't do a thing.  It just let him cat nap for ten minutes before starting screaming and crying all over again.  Sigh.  So knowing that he was fully fed, and not in pain, and as comfortable as possible I sat down in the rocking chair and rocked him.  And Aubrey?  He screamed and cried for a solid 15 minutes.  It was pitiful, but I couldn't do anything else.  He fell asleep after 15 minutes and stayed that way!  I was able to put him down in bed, the first since he's been sick.  Since becoming sick we have not been able to put him down at all!  The few hours of sleep I have gotten over the past few nights have been propped up in bed or propped up on the couch!  Not comfortable I assure you :-)

   For the first time in days I decided to put Aubrey down for a nap, to continue with our sleep training.  I will have to write more about that in another post for anyone interested.  It went well.  And he's been sleeping for the past hour and a half!  It was nice to make some breakfast and eat it all in one swoop. 

   Not much else has been going on.  Again, half of us have been sick.  Now we are getting better, and it appears that the other half are getting sick!  Of course.  So since I don't have a ton to say I thought I direct you to a couple of good reading sources today.  The first is my sister's post.  Timely for sure!  Seeing as how I have been praying for wisdom and insight into our bumpy parenting ride we have been having over here.  Along with her post I recommend this article.  Jeremiah and I will be sitting down to discuss it and see what steps need to be taken with our family.  Here's another short article on 'saturation love'.  I can't say I agree with everything the author wrote, but I think the main point is very valid.  To put it mildly, 'we've got issues'!  I am sure a lot of people would just tell us we just have a teenager on our hands, but frankly God's word does not give provision for the teenage years.  What we deem to be normal teenage behavior can be wrapped into one little word: SIN.  I hope those two articles will get you thinking.  Have a great day!  I plan on getting some *major* cleaning done (if the baby continues to cooperate and sleep well!). 

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