Thursday, February 03, 2011


We had a wonderful time outside yesterday.  While half of the USA is under snow, we were enjoying a wonderfully cloudy, 70 degree day over here.  I wanted to get some fresh air as well, so I strapped on the baby and we all headed out.  Below you'll find lots of pictures of our time outside.  I think we spent about 3 hours out there.  And my back can attest to that!  I love my Moby wrap, but using it for 3 hours was a bit much.

As usual the girls were building wonderful creations.  They even brought out some of their toys to add to the fun.

Here's Flannery's community.  She was very upset to find that her community was wiped out by hurricane Jonah.  Ah, little brothers, you gotta love them.

I didn't even bother asking *why* Isabella was sitting in this blue bin that was half way filled with hay.  Sometimes I'm afraid of the answers!  :-)

Jed has started this 'new' thing.  He doesn't want his picture taken.  I made a game of it the other day by telling him I was going to "shoot" him.  He thought that was fun, except that makes it really hard to get a decent picture of him.  I have a lot of Jed's back, or blurred head, get the idea.  And you must admit you love the new boot fashion.

Now, Jonah on the other hand, he's still a ham.  :-)  And a cute ham at that!

Speaking of fashion.  This my friends is high fashion.  Sandals in February, and lovely pajama bottoms.  And no it was not 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  At least if it was I'm not telling :-P

Moira trying to give me a silly look.  See now, I have the power of black mail on my side. Ha, ha, ha!

Isabella being silly.

A red boot.  Makes me think of those art exhibits I would see during my college days.  Things like "The Yellow Dot".  So I am assuming that this would classify as a very artistic piece.  :-)

This just struck me as totally funny.  I would caption this as, "I said to hit me upside the head with a 2x4, but I was *joking*!", or maybe something like, "Poor guy, he never saw it coming."  I was feeling a bit silly yesterday.  Well at least yesterday afternoon.  Must have been the warm air.  I wasn't feeling that way come evening though.

Saoirse working construction on their set up.  It was windy out so those 'shingles' kept flying off.

Saoirse was dismayed to see her hard work blow away.

Jed asked me to push him on the swing.  So after I got him in I grabbed my camera and told him, "Ah ha!  Now I've got you!  You can't escape from me now!"  He tried to fake that he wasn't happy about that.  But I managed to get about two half way decent pictures of him.

Around here we have some chickens who willingly jump into the soup pot!

"Oh Maude, Maude!  Run for it, you're in grave danger!"

"Don't worry Maude, I've got back up.  We'll find a way to get you out.  Louise, do you see a door to this thing?"

Look a fainting goat.  No not really.  But I will say I laughed my head off at this site.  This is Lilly.  Lilly is very pregnant.  I'm wondering if she isn't having twins!  Lilly was leaning up against the hay pile. She started to rub her head along the hay pile, moving her head back.  She just kept going until she fell over!!  I wish I had a video of it.

Just a chicken at the watering hole.

Two sisters looking at two sisters.  I thought this was funny too.  See, I was pretty slap happy yesterday!  I wonder what they are thinking?

Hey girls, whispering in front of others is rude. 

"A little to the left, no, to the right, ahhhhhh right there!"

For someone who is borderline germ phobic, this is a painful sight :-)

Can anyone guess where we spent the later half of our outside time? 
The creek!  We must get in what creek time we can before it's tick season.

This is our fallen disk swing.  Isabella knows all about that!!!  I saw Saoirse pick it up and bring it down with us.  I was wondering what she had planned on doing with it.

There she is doing "something".

It's a rock collector?  Really?

Jonah is afraid to walk across the bridge.  The open slats have 'caught' his foot in the past and so he found a better way to cross.  Smart boy.

Look we had company.  We had been down at the creek for a little bit when I heard a whole LOT of goat crying going on.  It seemed to be getting louder.  I looked up to see all four of our goats wondering around the top of the hill.  I sent Moira up to lead the way.  The goats were actually running down to the creek.  They seemed to have fun with the new scenery.

Oh, so it's not a rock collector!  Saoirse wound the rope around this tree and made a new swing.

Jed sloshing around.  Speaking of sloshing.  When Jed came up on the bridge I burst our laughing with each step he took.  He had at least two inches of water in each boot.  So each step you would hear this sloshing sound! I guess you had to be there.

Flannery had boots full of water as well.  She's putting her boots back on after draining them out.

Jed spent most of his time going back and forth between the bridge (where I'm standing) and where the older two girls were (at the bend of the creek).

Every time we go to the creek the girls always find more rocks for their rock collection.  I caught a few water droplets falling off the rock.

Lining up their rocks.  That doesn't last long though when you have two boys who think every rock they see is for throwing purposes.  There were quite a few less rocks to take back compared to how many the girls found.  Much to their dismay.  Didn't I already say something about little brothers earlier?  :-)

This would be the end result of our time at the creek.  Dirty laundry, but happy kids!

Not only did we have dirty laundry, but dirty kiddos!

Oh, and a tired baby.

Now it's time for me to go.  This is my new watch by the way.  Very classy.   Pink and plastic :-)  But it does tell the time.

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