Monday, November 08, 2010

Scratch that

Well it's been one of those days.  I have been praying more, and I know with that it usually means unusual happenings around here.  That's just the way it goes.  But even though I know that, it still makes it hard when the unusual stuff starts to happen. 

We won't be able to start the diet.  I am really bumming about that for a few reasons.  If we start it next month I may not have enough time to get a handle of how it all works and end up giving it up once the baby comes.  I don't want that to happen.  Starting is VERY hard, having to start *again* is even harder still.  We won't be able to start due to some monetary issues.  But, that being the case, we can still go dairy free and I can at least soak all of our grains.  Although it won't have the same effect, it will be better than nothing.  I already know the girls have big issues with milk products, so this will help some.  And I know that I have issues with gluten.  So again, it is better than nothing.  What I need to do now is turn my focus to what I can do and be *thankful*.  I KNOW that God is at work here and He will see to it to what needs to be done.  I just tend to let MY plans get in the way :-)

It appears that we may be losing one of our chickens.  We have been very blessed to have had healthy chickens (with the exception of any babies that arrive ill).  We introduced four new birds to the flock, but they were sick.  Not sure if they passed it on, or just a coincidence, but one of our older birds is very, very sick.  I got her some antibiotics today (that will come with it's own story) but I am afraid it may be too late for her.  I am praying that the others don't get it as well.  If we have to medicate the whole flock we won't be able to consume their eggs until they are medication free.  Again, something I just need to turn over to the Lord.  I certainly can't do anything more at this point.

So in our quest for the above said antibiotics I loaded everyone in the van.  We went to TSC and lo and behold they had just sold their last pack this past Friday.  But of course.  The closest store around would be where Jed has speech therapy.  I knew we couldn't wait till then.  I called my good friend Melody to see if she had any antibiotics on hand.  Thankfully she did.  She also had some pants for Isa to try on.  So the plan was to go there, Isa try on pants while I get the medicine and then get home to do all the things I planned on doing this morning.  I left the other girls with the instructions to wait in the van and to NOT let the boys out of their car seats.  I told them if Melody's boys came out they could get out, right there at the van, to talk with them.  Isabella came to the door and said something about being locked out.  What?  She asked me if I had my keys.  No, I left them in the van.  She tells me that we are locked out of the van and that the boys are still in there.  I reminded her that the back door is always open (Isabella has this 'thing' about it remaining unlocked), to which she replied that the girls were playing tricks on her and wouldn't let her into the van.  The problem was that they all got out and for some reason either locked the door behind them, or it did so on its own (which has happened before).  What that meant was that the boys, still in their car seats, were locked in the van.  Um, let's just say I didn't handle that with the utmost grace.  So we set about to see if we could get a door unlocked.  I called Jeremiah to let him know what was going on.  One of the window locks was unlocked on the back window.  Unfortunately it wasn't the one closest to the lock.  So we pried open the window a bit, stuck a screw driver in to lift up the other window lock.  And much to our surprise, the WHOLE window shattered!!!  Gave us all a scare.  Not a few minutes later Jeremiah called to say that his manager said he could leave early to give me his key to get in the van.  Um, yeah, I won't be needing you to do that....we have the door unlocked.  And it just so happens we have a broken window to go along with it!  Sigh.  So we spent the next while cleaning up all the broken glass.  My friend Melody taped up the window for me.  Nothing like an adventurous morning. 

I wish that was the end of our hectic day.  Almost, but not quite.  Jeremiah came home not feeling well.  Oy!  Hopefully a wee bit of natural medicine and some good sleep will have him all better by morning.

The boys have been really at each other today.  Lots and lots of screaming.  Just before I got on here they were having it out again.  I am sooooooo ready for them to go to bed. I look up and to my dismay it is only 7 PM which leaves me with two hours more of their fighting.  I know that doesn't sound very nice, but I'm just worn out.  Sometimes they are up late playing nicely and sometimes bedtime can't come soon enough. 

I think that is it for now.  I pray it is all for now! 

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HomeschoolMama said...

I was going to say "Welcome aboard to the GAPS diet" but... Well, maybe not. We started to see healing reactions just from adding broths. We started three of us on full GAPS before we put the whole family on the intro diet. I recommend at least a little time on full GAPS before intro because the initial die-off was less severe for those of us who started with full GAPS. Just start making changes in the direction of the GAPS diet and when you are finally ready to start, you will be that far ahead. Also, it took us a long time to introduce supplements and probiotics. My youngest three are finally at a therapeutic dose of BioKult after 14 months. Even so, we are healing. I recently posted all of the ways we see evidence of healing in each of the six of us. You can check it out.
It's in the post called "Roller Coaster Ride"
Many blessings to you and the whole family.

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