Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Diet Decision has been made

Not that you knew there was a decision in the making to begin with :-)  So here is how it played out.  As some of you who have read here long enough know, we have various ailments, allergies or are just plain sick....a lot.  At least that is what my sister says :-)  I'm just teasing her!  Ok, so with all of that, most recently with Saoirse having stomach pain for over a week, it was coming time to do something about it.  The other factor playing into this was Jeremiah's health insurance meeting.  Depending on how healthy you are will depend on what level they put you in.  Certain levels have the advantage of paying less on health insurance.  It just so happens that we are at risk of losing the lower paying level.  We've known this for a while now, but between me not having the energy and just not being able to settle in on which diet to follow I've held off doing anything.  But my energy levels, although not like they used to be, have been pretty consistent as of late.  The girls' soccer season just ended this weekend, and the baby won't be here for the next eight or nine weeks.  This will give us some time to jump into a healing diet before our lives get a wee bit busier. 

It was a toss up between two diets, the Maker's Diet or the GAPS diet (which you have all heard me 'talk' about).  I figured if we are going to have to deal with detoxing issues either way that we might as well go 'all the way' and get the most healing in as we can.  There really isn't going to be a *best* time to do this.  There will always be something that we will have to miss or give up or deal with.  The beginning of GAPS is very, very restrictive, but for a short time.  My hope is that we will be through the introduction stages before the baby comes, or at least close to it.  I can't be on the intro diet, but I can jump right into the full GAPS diet.  Once everyone is on full GAPS we will remain there for the next year or so, just depending on how quickly our guts heal. 

I have some prep work (to say the very least) to get us up and started.  The first being to write out the plan and to try to prep some of the food.  I already talked to the girls and Jeremiah about it, what to expect.  No one is really happy about it, but most are looking forward to getting healthy.  Flannery said, "I can't live without bread!" Isabella said, "Count me OUT!  I'm not doing that!"  So not everyone is looking forward to it.  We assured them that the rewards would far outweigh the difficulties we will face at first.  I had, in the past, thought about doing the full Gaps and working our way back to the intro.  But it really seems like there isn't going to be an easier time than now to just jump in with both feet.  I am praying that we will have the strength to carry through with it, the perseverance when things get tough.  I am worried about the possible detoxing that everyone (but me) may experience.  There are some ways to help with those, but you can't get rid of all of it. 

We don't have a start date at this time.  Although I do believe I would like to make sure to start by the end of the week.  I just want to make sure I have my head on straight and a full plan of action.  That plan needs to encompass figuring out how to get Jeremiah's breakfast and lunches made each day for him to take to work.  And I need to make sure we have all the right amounts of food on hand, and get a bunch of it made up ahead of time.  It will help to stay a few steps ahead.  I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about it once we start :-)  I also plan on having the older two girls write on their blogs about it, their experience-whether good or bad.  I am hoping that over time they will see the benefits for themselves, in their own words.  Although I know just how much of an improvement in their health was made when we eliminated milk products from their diet last year.  So I am sure they will see that, plus more. 

Alrighty, off to make up my list and plan of action.  Well maybe....I'm just starting to feel better this evening and I may just relax to seal the healing process (I got sick with sinus, ear stuff, oh fun, fun, fun!). 

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