Monday, November 01, 2010

pictures from the zoo

 I can't seem to get the cursor to go to the top of the page.  Oh well.  Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip.  We were able to see a few new exhibits this time around.  There was one about tracking elephants.  They use a helicopter to track them, and had this helicopter in the display for the kids to climb up on.  The boys were really excited about that.  Unfortunately we didn't get any good pictures of the boys on the helicopter.  Not that this one is very good either, but better than the ones of the boys :-)

 The other two girls in the helicopter.  Saoirse looks very interested don't you think?  She was having fun in there, must have been the timing of the picture. 

 All the girls in an egg shell. Too funny.  They were saying it was a quadruple yoke egg.  It was pretty warm out so I am not sure why Flannery is wearing her hood up.  Silly girl.

 The boys move too fast to get good pictures.  They had an egg that was more enclosed and we kept trying to get them to stick their heads out of the opening, but one of them was always peeking out and the other tucked back inside the egg. 

 The girls and I.  We are actually sitting on one of the pretend eggs.  I thought it was funny seeing as how I am pregnant and all.  I have to say these are the first pictures I've had taken of me during this pregnancy and I am surprised to see I look as big as I feel!!  Not sure if that is a good thing, after all I still have about ten weeks to go.

 The girls on a pretend lion.  They wanted to take another picture up on top of the buffalo, but there was no way that Jeremiah was going to get them up on it.  I think we were just about to hit the summit of the mountainous walk on the zoo trail (seriously it is all up hill more than half of the trail, from the direction we started from).

 Our family photo.  This used to be an exhibit with animals in it, but the zoo has decided to build a new facility.  In the mean time the whole building was nothing but exhibits of flowers.  Their name is escaping me. 

 Jed's highlight, the carousel.  This time around it was one ride only.  Are they trying to rob people with the prices of those tickets???  I mean really people!  It;s insane.

We asked Moira to take a picture of us.  We had just finished resting after the carousel and a snack. 

That's all I have for now.  Thankfully the sick kiddos seem to be doing much better today.  As a matter of fact Flannery is outside jumping on the trampoline as I type.  Jed's fever started to come down before bed time.  Saoirse was saying she felt like she had a cold last night.  And Moira woke up saying she felt a bit funny, water eyes and such.  But nothing has seemed to progress thus far.  So hopefully this will be a quick affair and we'll be done with it. 

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Nancy M. said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone had fun! I haven't been to the NC zoo in ages.

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