Thursday, June 03, 2010

The ultrasound said....

It's just one wee little babe in there :-)  So no 'good' reason for my very nasty symptoms.  I've been taking a remedy from our kinesiologist, and it seems like I am feeling better in the mornings, but the rest of the day is still yuck.  I suppose that is better than all day!  However, one of the not nice symptoms I am having seems to be a lack of a digestive enzyme.  This makes eating a normal size meal feel like I just pigged out on a huge Thanksgiving meal, with extra dessert as well!  And I feel that way for at least 5 hours!  That makes it very difficult to eat my next meal.  But eat I must or my blood sugar plummets.  Ugh.  So I was told I would have to go totally fat free for three days (eating only veggies and fruits) and going dairy free for two weeks.  However with my insane food cravings, there is no way I can possibly do that.  So I decided it was time to call our homeopathic doctor.  Although both systems of 'medicine' work on some of the same premises, there are differences.  I had my appointment with him this afternoon.  He said I should be feeling significantly better in three weeks.  Trust me, I'll be counting down the days!  It appears that there isn't anything wrong with my heart, just something messing with my cardiovascular system in general.  So he says I am in no danger, although my symptoms can be quite scary at times.  Not to mention that it has affected every aspect of my life.  Seriously.  Putting in a ponytail never left me breathless and my heart pounding before...ever!  Nor did I ever have to lay down to rest after unloading only half of the dishwasher. But alas, that has been my life for the past four weeks. 

The whole clan got to see our cute little blob :-)  This was the first time that we had an u.s. this early along.  The earliest before this was at 18 weeks, when you can see the arms, legs, face, etc.  So I made sure to prep the girls so they wouldn't be freaked out!  I told them it would look like a blob, or a large jelly bean.  And that is just what our babe looked like, how cute.

I wish I had more to write about, but seriously, there hasn't been much going on around here due to my 'couch rest'.  We were able to get to a picnic on Monday, and the day before we had spent two hours at the lake.  Once I start feeling better we will need to brush off some laziness that has infiltrated the ranks :-) When mom goes down, little people try to see what they can get away with.  Little Mr. Jonah was ever so surprised to see that I was feeling better today!  Ha, ha!  Now I catch him looking back to see if I am looking before he dives into trouble.  Hey, we're headed in the right direction now. 

I would post the u.s. picture, but I don't know where it is at the moment.  I'm ever so organized you know.....please don't laugh so hard.  I am hoping to be up to taking pictures again soon.  I did get a few of my children being really, totally silly.  They are on my facebook, and well, I'm too lazy to post them here too!  


Nancy M. said...

I hope you get to feeling better and being able to eat normally!

Anonymous said...


Remember how I was writing so much a few months ago about "the water cure?" As a pregnant mama, you need well over the adult average of 2 Qts a day. And, since you are burning up over in NC, I recommend about 3 qts! The water cure book I read said that a woman has "morning sickness" in part from dehydration! So, it can't hurt to drink more water!
There's my free homeopathic advice for the day.


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