Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chicken happenings

Yeah, I'm sure you are all very interested in our chickens :-)  But I just had to share this story.  We've had most of the expected chicken experiences.  Raising them from chicks, cleaning out their bedding, learning why there is a reason for the bird sayings that exist in our language, having our dogs kill the chickens (a few), chicken droppings on the porch, being chased by a rooster and there are a few more I am sure.  One that I am very glad that has not happened is for a wild animal to get in and take more than a few out.  I guess our dogs figured they'd give us that experience themselves.  There was one other chicken experience that I was hoping we would never see, but we did the other day.  I can be very thankful for a couple of things.  One for size and the other for nonvenomous.....yes we are talking about a snake!  The girls went out to milk the goats, feed the animals, and then pick up the eggs on the way in.  Except they didn't even get to the milking the goat part because as they were heading into the goat side of the barn one of them looked over into the chicken area to see a very large black snake hanging out in one of the nests eating an egg!  How dare he!  Or she, I certainly wasn't going to figure that one out.  The girls came running in all excited (not in fear) telling me how there was a 20 foot snake in the chicken barn.  Twenty feet did you say? I do think we need to talk about measurement at some point in math :-)  So what to do, what to do.  I made Jeremiah promise me before we moved south that he would be the one to kill ALL bugs.  Trust me to this day I have been known to throw something over a bug and wait till he gets home to deal with it.  But by golly who knew I needed to throw in snakes to the promise!  Granted I'm not afraid of snakes like I am of bugs, but snakes have *teeth* ya know.  So I called Jeremiah and he told me to contain the snake and that he was heading home (it was close to the end of the work day anyways).  So I went to get something to contain him in and headed out to the barn.  On the way out I saw the girls coming in....hmmm not good.  They told me that the snake got under the flooring in the storage room.  Ugh!  So we stood guard for about an hour to see if he/she would come out.  But no luck.  Where did it go?  Maybe it lives under there.  I am sure we will see it again sometime.  I was thankful that is was so large because I have heard stories of people reaching their hands into the chickens nest only to be greeted by the slithering beasts.  You couldn't miss seeing this fellow 50 feet away.  I wasn't able to get a picture of it, but Isabella did on her camera.  When she uploads it and posts it to her blog I'll let all of you who are just dying to see the creature know :-)

Besides chickens we made huge progress in the moving furniture department.  We got the boys room in and the computer room out, having to divide the furniture between other rooms.  I am very glad that is done.  Although I wasn't the one to move any of the furniture!  But there was a whole LOT of cleaning to be done.  Who knew there was a 'black' hole under one of the desks that sucked in a lot of the things we have been looking for!  I will make sure to take pictures at some point to show the differences.  But we still have a few more things to clean up. 

That's basically it, not much else that we've been doing.  I decided to make sure to stay home for a few days in a row to see if what I was experiencing was really what I thought it was.  So far it appears to be so.  I don't have a bunch of time to go into the nitty gritty of it all, but in short wireless activity has an effect on homeopathic remedies, and not for the better.  Wireless radiation antidotes the remedies making them ineffective.  I couldn't figure out why I had a whole week of absolutely no heart symptoms, but then this past week I started having small bouts of it.  Until I realized that the small bouts came after being out of the house.  Thankfully our house gets poor reception.  We used to think this was such a burden, but now I realize that it is a huge blessing.  I'm glad that the bouts I've had have been minimal, but still not pleasant.  So I made an effort to stay home the past few days....and no heart symptoms.  It will be interesting to see how I feel after church tomorrow as they run wireless.  Last week I had to lay down after church because of my heart pounding. 

Well I must be going.  I will be sharing a great site that I was told about.  Actually I was told about a book and when I looked it up I found the authors' website.  A must read for anyone with teens or upcoming teens.  Seriously you must check it out.  But I'll write more on that later.

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Bethany said...

I have thought about this snake scenario a lot, because honestly, I don't know where one will turn up next. But, I know from experience that trying to urge it to move by poking it with a rake is a BAD idea.

Are you afraid to go out to the shed now? It will wear off in a few days...


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