Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taking a Stand Part 2

``You might be wondering where part 1 is! Ha, ha! You can find it on my sister's blog. I meant to leave her a comment, forgot, and then had a chance today to live out what she wrote. So I thought I would write something here instead. Please check out her post as she had some great things to say on this matter.

After church we headed to Walmart to get a few things. Poor Jonah was without shoes. Actually it was one of Jed's boots that have gone missing, but Jonah's feet are bigger than Jeds so we decided to get Jonah the new shoes. Anyways, we headed to the fast lane check out. And I just about fell over from what I saw!!!! Right there at the end of the register was the Sports Illustrated swim suite issue!!! It was purely pornographic! I only saw it because I noticed Flannery staring in that direction and followed her gaze to see what she was looking at. I told Jeremiah to watch everyone, that I would be right back. I grabbed a copy of the magazine and went looking for a manager. I found one in short order. I told him that I was deeply disturbed to find this magazine right up front at the register. I told him that I knew they generally kept their inappropriate material in the back. I told him if this were to be up front that they should have those plastic magazine covers (It covers the front of magazine, except for the title). I also told him that I have four young girls that I did not want looking at this stuff and that I wanted them to do something about it. He was very polite and told me he was sorry that this happened and that he would take care of the matter immediately.

When we go back tomorrow to go shopping I will make sure that it was taken care of. Walmart has honored my request in the past to move inappropriate material. I mention the store here in my post because I think that their willingness to move the magazines should be commended. I will try to write a thank you note later this week as well. I remember someone talking about a bookstore that they frequented that had modestly dressed employees (there was a dress code). This person went to the same bookstore at a different location and was appalled by the lack of dress code at that particular establishment. This person made sure that when they went back to their regular bookstore that they took the time to talk to the manager to thank him and commend him on the rules he set for his employees. So when we take a stand, as we should, we also need to remember to thank these establishments when they listen to us. We want them to know that the changes they make are appreciated.

Ok, off to do some crocheting. I messed up with my hat I was making (my gauge was off), and I had to undo what I had done and start fresh with another hook. Hopefully Jeremiah and I will tackle my blog tonight to start making some changes. I'm not sure how far we will get. Saoirse is now getting sick. I was able to pick the right remedy for Flannery the other day and by the next day she was totally fine. The difficulty with homeopathy is that you don't pick a remedy based on the physical symptoms. The physical symptoms are the last thing you take into consideration. The first thing you need to look at is the persons countenance. In what way has it changed? Are they whining, more irritable, depressed, etc? You need to match that first. Then the second thing to look at are their general overall symptoms. Are they more thirsty, or cold? The last thing, and least important when choosing a homeopathic remedy is what specific symptoms is the person having (sore throat, fever, runny nose). It is going to take me a while to figure out what Saoirse needs as she is being really quite. That would be a symptom, but it's too vague for me to nail down. I've just recently read over the list of remedies and don't remember that being mentioned. So do pray that I can nail a remedy for her so that she can get over this cold quickly.

Oh, and Jed did lose a few ounces. But that only puts him back to where he started. So we will continue on this path since he hasn't lost anything overall. He has been doing such a great job eating! And he has been saying thank you when I give him something or do something for him. He was signing "more" the other night and we tried to get him to say the word, but he wouldn't. Today while he was signing the word "more" he also said it! It has been so amazing to see these changes!

Have a blessed night!

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Nancy M. said...

How can they call it a swimsuit edition if they don't even have the swimsuit on? Crazy! Glad the manager was so willing to help!

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