Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day or two in pictures

It is a bit difficult to remember to take pictures of the everyday scenes around here. We had a busy day yesterday. I wanted to take pictures of the kids outside at the speech therapists, but it was raining and very col d. Another day perhaps. As we are now in the process of waiting for paper work and insurance to process our claim for the DynaVox, we have decided to not go to therapy in the city and instead pick up an extra day with his school therapist. This will make it a much more regular occurrence and our drive much shorter. So Jed will be having speech three days a week. That does make our days a bit harder as his sessions are all in mid afternoon. Ok, on with the pictures.

Jeremiah piloted the camera for a while. First stop is a lovely photo of Moira.

Jonah pushing his beloved tricycle.

A couple of chicken loving girls. Chickens give our kids hours of fun. Everyone should have a few :-)

See, Jeremiah still has the camera. Me, hanging out, watching children ride bikes down the road. One must make sure no one is getting run over by their siblings.

My only thought was--I sure hope that chicken doesn't have to go potty!! Thankfully (for everyone) it didn't! Phew.

Somehow I keep imagining a majestic Eagle on her arm....but it's just not coming to me. Ha, ha!

Jonah ready for another run down the hill.

Flannery our speed devil. She is the one you need to watch out for.

Saoirse insisted I take a picture of her rock collection. If it was up to her she'd have half her room floor covered in rocks!

I was really diggin' the blue and yellow combo of Moira's outfit. We picked up these boots at Walmart. All the girls want a pair. They have been just the thing for when Moira feeds the animals. We will definitely be getting everyone some soon.

Jonah doing a fine job raking our dirt driveway.

Isabella being a nice big sister and pushing Jed up and down our hill of a road. He's a speed demon in the making!

Jed's turn to push the tricycle around. We've been working on the boys sharing and taking turns these past few days. I have to say our efforts are really paying off.

Saiorse writing in the dirt. I think she was setting up a hopscotch board. One must find uses for ones rock collection.

I asked Saoirse to lay on the grass for me so I could get a close up of her. She is so photogenic.

Flannery likes to be moving in her photos...has anyone else noticed that?

Part of yesterday's breakfast. We had pancakes with strawberries on top. I still can't get over that my children now eat pancakes syrup free! Amazing.

Our beloved pancakes. They are a staple around here. Now if I can only remember to soak my grains!!! Hopefully the e-course I am taking will help me with that! The e-course just started this week and I am SOOO excited about it. It's a course on the Nourishing Traditions way of eating. I love the name of her blog and the intro she has to this type of all need to go check it out---right here. Click on the video in the right side bar titled, "Defining GNOWFGLINS", and for a laugh check out the video, "Real milk comes from" directly under it.

Our food loving boy.

Our recent food consuming boy.

Just a sweet picture of our 12 year old.
That's it for the day. Off to make some pancakes, make a grocery list (shopping day tomorrow), reading/school, and then soccer this evening. It started with a bit of snow this morning. I am hoping it warms up soon.


Bethany said...

Your pictures are so lovely. I am struggling not to covet your new camera. But, seriously, your pictures are great and the subjects are beautiful!


Nancy M. said...

The pics are great! It makes everything easier to see when it's big like that, gives it more of an impact.

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