Sunday, October 07, 2007

A busy week....and a belated Sew Crafty FRIDAY

I missed sew crafty again!!! But I was very productive. So I will put up some of our creations. The girls got these neat little books when we went out to eat the other day. they have a bunch of cute craft ideas and recipes. So we worked on some. Isabella single handily made a batch of yummy tarts. Then we made up a bunch of paper boxes. We also made a welcome sign for our front door, which I do not have pictures of at this moment. Then I finished Flannery's leg warmers...well almost. I have to tie in the ends. So in a moment of restlessness I realized that there was enough yarn left over to make her a matching hat. I searched for a pattern online and took a couple of patterns and meshed them. I LOVE the hat. I mean it was fast and it is absolutely adorable. Well, maybe it's just the kiddo that is so darn cute ;-) We just got some yarn today for me to start on Moira and Saoirse's leg warmers and hats. I am almost done with Isabella's leg warmers. Hers is made with a different pattern and are all one color. So I may take those to be mine if she would prefer colorful ones like her sisters. We'll see.

Today after church we went to a baptism. An 'old fashioned' baptism that is. The church gathered down at the lake, had lunch (which we missed) and the 5 or 6 people to be baptised gave their testimonies, then we walked down to the lake where they were completely dunked! It was very moving. There is a growing number of Karen refugees here in the area that attend the church. In their country when they do a baptism they sing. So it was pretty neat that they all started singing (in their native tongue) at the lake side. It was very special. You could imagine yourself on the banks of the Jordan river and John the baptist there in the middle of it....

Ok, so for our pictures:

The yummy tarts Isabella made. They really did taste great. They bubbled over so they don't look great. I think it would be neat to buy those mini muffin pans and make little baby tarts.

Some of the paper boxes we made. The girls were making so many they needed to get a cardboard box to put them all in!

Isabella working on her project. She wants to make a shawl. However this is the first time she is knitting and it is going slow. So we decided that she can make this into a head scarf. That way she will get the satisfaction of a completed project sooner!

A close up of Isabella's knitting. It is a cute pattern. You keep making an increase in the beginning of each row. You stop when you get it to the size you want. So in a few more rows it will be a head scarf, or in a few hundred rows it will be a shawl. Or you can get it to the size you want and then decrease it until you get a square. You can leave it small for a wash cloth size or big for blanket size. Great pattern! Lots of versatility.

Flannery's leg warmers. When we are in the van on the way to church during our VERY freezing cold winters :-P the girls complain of their legs being cold. The thing is if they wear thick tights they are too hot inside. So I thought this was a good solution as they are very stretchy and will fit over their shoes for easy take on/off.

Here is her matching ear flap hat. It has a picot edging and braided ties which you can sort of see. I made a cute hat topper which is below. They really add some character to the hat:

And then we had Saoirse who wanted to try it out as well. Because the original hat pattern was for a preemie baby I was just going on the basics to make it big enough. Although the hat fits Flannery, it fits Saoirse better. So for the other girls I will know to make it much larger.

Well that's it for now. It is almost bed time for the girls. Although Moira has been sleeping for some time since her tummy wasn't feeling very well. I felt bad for her. I was really tired out from our busy day and we had just gotten done eating when she comes up to me and starts wimpering that her tummy hurt. UH OH!! Now most of you won't know what that means. Of all the children to have to get the tummy bug, Moira is NOT the one you want to have it. She started her 'whinning/crying/moaning/wimpering.....' ordeal and I told her that if she continued that I would have to leave the house. It is that BAD!! Thankfully she was wise and stopped immediately. I can not tell you how many times we have had the following conversation during these tummy ill problems:

Moira: Crying/moaning/wailing (yes she really does wail!).....

Me: Moira, does crying like that help to make you feel better?

Moira: (In her very whiny, crying, wailing voice) NOOOOOOoooooooo! But it huuuuurrrrrrrtssssssss! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Me: Well since it doesn't make you feel any better and it only makes the rest of us really stressed out, why don't you stop crying and lay down.

Then Repeat, repeat, repeat.....until she finally feels better or falls asleep.

So tonight, I really could not take that whole senerio, so I just told her I would have to leave the house. She stopped, layed down and fell fast asleep!

Now the internet is a wonderful thing *well, it can be* and sometimes things like tone of voice, motive and the like are lost in "translation" (going from real life to blog posts). Sooooooo just for clarification, the above senerio was said calmly and firmly. I dote on my children when they are sick. I get a comfy couch sick station made up for them and get them their favorite blanket, and any other things to comfort them. I also sit and stroke their hair or rub their feet, or read stories or a million other little things. Just in case anyone took the above situation out of context and thought I was being an evil mommy :-)

Good night!

PS Please make sure you stop by Shereen's blog to check out other peoples crafty Friday. Everybody there gets theirs in on time :-) Check out her new 'store', she has a lot of neat fabric. And please pray for Shereen, you can scroll down her blog to find out why.

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