Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some cutie pie pictures

Tomorrow, well, um actually today (I'm up really late) is Jedidiah's tube to button change. We go to Duke this morning for him to get some loopy medicine and then the doctor will litterally just yank the tube out of him and then put in the button. Seems a bit barbaric to Jerry and I, but unless we have him fully sedated there aren't any other options. If he was knocked out they would still just yank it out of him, but then he would have had to have an IV (plus they never get it the first time, so multiple sticks), and need to recover from the anesthesia. Ugh! I will update you all on how he did when we get home.

Here are just a few pics of the kiddos. The first ones are of Jedidiah on his beloved push toy. He is a speed demon! He loves to be pushed fast. And as you can see he has many devoted pushers! That outfit he is wearing is size 6-9 months! I can hardly believe it fits him. I mean he should be wearing some baggy 18 month old size by now.....oh well. We are happy that he is growing, slow as it may be :-)

Then there is a picture of just Moira. I know she takes after me in looks, but when I saw this picture (taken by Isabella) my eyes really popped. She looks just like me in that one! Wow, scary.

Jedidiah is in love with stuffed dogs. He loves to put their faces right up to his and hug/snuggle it. Very cute indeed. Here he is posing with Isabella's dog and Flannery. He was very sleepy and needed to go to bed, but the girls wanted to give him a few rides back and forth across the living room. He loved it and was laughing. Well as long as they didn't stop! Then he started on them for stopping! That kid has a bit of an attitude starting!

I think he had just had a fit about Flannery not pushing him quickly enough and so he was a bit teary eyed, but he looks so cute....

Ready.....set.....hold on!! Yes, they found out the hard way that you really do need to hang on to Jedidiah when you push him. Thankfully he wasn't really hurt, just mad he fell and wasn't cruising.

Here's Moira, looking like me.

I let the girls each have a turn taking some pictures. I thought I would put a couple up so they could be excited to see "their" picture. I'm not sure what type of face Saoirse is making here, but I like how they are all standing in a line.

Flannery and Moira with their puppy dogs.

Well it was bound to happen, silliness that is. Isabella taking a picture of her nutty sisters :-)

Ok, off to bed I go.

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Angie said...

Your kiddos are so beautiful and I always thought Moira was a mini you LOL in looks. Update on how Jed is doing with the button.
I am up having a late snack...apples and peanut butter..great for staving off early morning low blood sugar. I was eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches....this feels more healthier,even than whole wheat bread.

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