Sunday, September 02, 2007

A picture of our Borg Boy

I think it was on Star Trek that they had the Borgs. Half human half machine. It seemed fitting to call Jedidiah, Borg Boy as his tube coming out of his side is so long. I took a picture of it. He was playing with a hat so you can't see his tube free face. Maybe next time.

He was a bit fussy this morning. I hadn't given him any medicine through the night. He slept all night, but he may have been uncomfortable once he was moving around. He is not pleased when I have to clean it. Poor thing. I feel like the big bad evil mommy when I have to do something that hurts him :-( Hopefully it will not hurt too much longer.

I wanted to post some pictures of all the cousins together. But all the pictures are blurry!!! Boo hoo. I guess that means we will just have to get together again so that we can get some good pictures :-)

I broke my fast yesterday, a day early. I needed to or I was going to crash. I was out doing a long day of grocery shopping and my body said, NO MORE. so I listened and ate an apple. But I am proud of myself. My first juice fast accomplished. I was able to do it for 13 days. I wish I had some profound experience to share. I did clear up a few health issues (small ones). The amazing thing was that I was never hungry the entire time!! I am sure that made it very easy for me. I did waiver when I was making some yummy dish, but once I had it done and walked away I was fine. I stayed the course. Now that I am eating a bit more food I feel more perky. It will be a challenge to continue to eat healthy. Not that I eat poorly, but just making the healthiest choices all the time. I seem to slip in to eating less quality foods once I start eating them here and there. Then I want to eat them all the time. It was amazing to see the number on the scale today! I lost 10 pounds during the fast. Most of that will come back quickly as I am able to work out more and the increase in calories. I didn't need to actually lose any weight, but that can't be helped when you're fasting. If we are not expecting in another month I may do another fast. Not sure how long, maybe only a week. We shall see. I would like to put more emphasis on the spiritual side of a fast the next time. I was surprised to "learn" a few things during this fast. Again, nothing profound, but something to put more emphasis on the next time.

Well I need to get going. It is a beautiful day today. Although we can't go anywhere as a family as we are keeping Jedidiah home until he heals.

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Mom2fur said...

Oh, he's so sweet. Borg baby, ha, ha...I'm sure he'd never be as nasty as a Borg. But if he ever says: "Mommy, you will be asimawated...wesistance is futile"...RUN!
Ugh, I could never fast. My mil, who suffered from diabetes, said I'd make a great diabetic because I'm one of these people who has to eat about 6 times a day. I'm a real grazer. I do try to eat good stuff, but I like my chocolate and ice cream, too! I can't believe you went that many days on juice. I'd have crashed after 2 hours, LOL! Then again, I have an ulcer, so I have to be careful.
I hope little Jed heals quickly and can soon enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

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