Monday, June 25, 2007

a couple of pictures

I think I wrote about the girls playing "Old Fashioned Times". They decided that it would be g=fun to do things like wash clothes by hand. This was totally their idea! I had nothing to do with it. The funny thing was that when they were done Isabella comes inside and tells me that she *knows* why they made washing machines! It's so that you can do the wash faster. Ummmm, very astute of her I would think :-) So I took some pictures of them washing and hanging the clothes to dry.

We went to church yesterday! It had been at least 6 weeks since we last went. It was great to be back. Jedidiah did well. Although giving him a tube feeding in the van just does not work as well as when we are at home. It moves way tooooooo slow! (the feeding, not the van)

We have a quiet week here. Just schooling, cleaning and preparing. I am trying to prepare some fun themes for a "summer camp' to do here after our school year is over. We end June 29. We will have a three week break before we start our next school year. We will be trying a year round approach this year. We'll see how it goes. We are also preparing Isabella for her first away from home experience. She will be staying with Jerry's parents for about 4 days at the end of the month. We will then all go down to get her on the 4th of July. She is so excited! She is making a paper chain to count down the days.

In less than on week our little man will turn ONE years old!!!! Oh my goodness how time flies! I am so amazed at how far he has come, and at the same time, how far he has to go. We went to a graduation party this weekend and met up with a family we used to go to church with about two years ago. The wife was immediately asking questions about Jedidiah. She then shared her own experience of having found an orange sized tumor inside of her that the doctors gave her 6 months to live. Well it's been six months and she looks totally healthy. She said she went to a homeopathic doctor as she didn't trust the regular doctors. It was by following the regular doctors advice that she got the tumor. Long story short, long term use of benedryl can cause these rare tumors, the kind that she had. So she sought alternative help. She will be giving me his name just to see if he can do anything for Jedidiah. I'm game. I'm not sure if I wrote about the medicine we gave Jedidiah this past thursday/friday. The GI doctors gave him this antihistamine that has the side effect of increasing appetite. Well it worked! However, it also totally altered his personality! He wouldn't smile or interact, was constantly fussy. So we said, no way! And so our saga continues.

Well I have some pita bread to make and laundry to fold and kids to school and.....well you get the idea. Have a great day!

Scrub a dub dub two girls and their tubs, washing their clothes away....

Along came their sister, who sat down beside them and washed her clothing too.

Here they are hanging their clothing up. Isabella rigged up the clothing lines between the porch steps and the soccer goal, and between the wheel burrow and steps.

Here's little man working on his balance. His feet look so tiny in this picture!

It looks like Jedidiah has something to say! Here he is with some of his fan club.

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