Saturday, June 16, 2007

an update and dinosaur flies

Happy boy! He was had a great time playing with this box.

Look Ma, I'm standing. Granted he didn't get there by himself, but standing there is a huge feat for him. He is really wanting to get around and was thrilled to be standing.

Creatures from the dark side.....her from under cabinets I mean. Read the exciting story below.

First the update on Jedidiah. He had two days of tests this week at Duke. The first day was for a stomach empty test and an upper G.I. x-ray. Both tests came back normal. The x-ray did show some reflux, but the doctor said everyone has a bit of reflux and what he had on the x-ray was nothing significant. I am not going to halt his reflux medicine at this time however. Then he had an endoscopy on Thursday. They had to put him under with general anesthesia. They failed to tell us what to expect when he was falling asleep. Something along the lines of : oh don't worry if you see him flailing his arms/legs and heaving his chest like he can't breath is all normal. Yeah that would have been really great!! Nothing like thinking your child is dying in front of your eyes! He came out just fine and the findings did not show anything abnormal. We will have to wait for the biopsy results to come back next week though as not everything can be seen visually. He has lost weight due to having to fast before the procedures! Ugh! We just can't seem to win. But hopefully with the pictures below you can see just how happy he is in spite of his small size. He is getting stronger. He is trying to move around on his own in what ever means he can. He doesn't get really far, but he has determination :-)

And as far as dinosaur flies go..... I do believe I wrote about them last year. You have your deer flies, then horse flies and then there are the flies that I believe fit more to the size of a dinosaur. I had one in the van with me. Not a good combination to be sure. I have to say I was glad that my van as a mess as I had something to whack it with ( a tennis racket to be exact). I thought it had flown out the window, but as I opened the passenger door today there it was in the foot well. Dead of course, the best kind. So I told Moira to go and get the camera and a quarter. She wanted to know why I needed a quarter. I told her that way people could see how big it is as you really can't tell with it being in a picture all by itself. You need something to compare it to. She said I didn't need a quarter as she could just hold it in her hand. Then she proceeded to pick the disgusting thing up! Now mind you Moira is a girly girl. She loves kitties, and anyting pink, and wouldn't mind being a ballerina....AND she is the only one who will willingly handle bugs, dead and alive! Surely she is not related to me!!!!

So here are the pics: Oh bummer I can't find a few of the pictures on my computer!!! We had some technical difficulties and sent some of the pictures by email to Jerry's email account and now they are not on our computer anymore. Maybe I will be able to find them later. The last picuture above was what Saoirse saw when she opened the cupboard underneath the bathroom sink to get some toilet paper. The poor thing came to me and said in a quivering voice, "Mommy, come here, there is a big spider in the bathroom." Then she said, no, not a spider a big bug. I went in opened the cupboard and let out a scream. That made the girls come running to see. They saw it a screamed and then Daddy came to the rescue to rid our house of such a creature. Life is never dull around here!

Ok, so I found the lost pictures. Here is the dinosaur fly!

Here's Isabella bird watching. It is her new hobby.

Here are our brand new, VERY stable stairs. We are very glad to walk down and not think that the stairs may sway out from underneath us. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but compared to these stairs they seemed that bad. Jerry has been working hard to get these done.

This is proof that these girls are not related to me. Well I suppose it would help to know what it is that they are doing that make them not my daughters. In that bucket happen to be 4 very unattractive grasshoppers! Not only are they looking at them, but they are touching them and they named them!! Saoirse's favorite was Lemon. Yeah, they are totally not related to me. I only named worms when I was a child, which is far more acceptable than grasshoppers hands down.

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Anonymous said...

I DON'T believe it! You know as I was reading your post I was contemplating sending you another plastic grasshopper in a box -- hee hee...but clearly your daughters are doing a great job of torturing you already! AND they are naming these monsters -- how wonderful and priceless :) xo
p.s. Jedidiah is so adorable!

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