Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A heavy heart...

My words escape me. I am not sure how to say it in a way that makes it ok....because it's really not ok. My Babci (my grandmother) passed away this evening. I have a ton of thoughts running through my head, but they can't seem to get out. So I thought I would make a list of all the things I remember about her.

Pop. (for you southerners, that is what northerners call soda) She always kept a large selection in her frigde, and if not she would always tell us where to get it, on the basement stoop.

Pajamas, we could always count on some awesome new jammies for Christmas. I always loved them.

Slippers of papchas (not sure how to spell it, but the Polish word for slippers). She always wore her slippers in the evening getting ready for bed.

Then there was the stickia (another Polish word for dish towel). Doing dishes with her.

I remember staying overnight one time and my sister and I getting in big trouble for talking in bed!

Sitting on my grandparents porch, trying to catch a summer breeze. She would be calling out to her neighbors who would be passing by.

Bobcageon (spelling?). Where we went almost every summer as a kid. We would have a cabin and then there was Babci and Dziadzi's (Polish for grandfather) cabin. It always seemed to smell of coffe. I remember her making fish there. Sitting around the bon fire, as the adults chatted away.

Then there was the time that she came to take care of us while my Mom went to the hospital to give birth to my youngest brother, Ryan. Tracy and I were about 10 and 11 years old. And as you know at that age a person posseses all knowledge :-) Babci didn't do anything right! Well we didn't think so anyways. We kept telling her we didn't do things that way, we did them this way, and I think she got a little tires of hearing that as I remember her telling us that while she was there we would be doing it her way :-) I seem to remember calling my Mom at the hospital and asking her WHEN would she be back?!?

She always cooked great food. I am thankful that I have her pierogi recipe and her pineapple squares recipe.

Of course she coined the phrase, " you're so bootiful"

She said the word 'thousand' as 'tousand', it always bugged me out when she did that :-)

Her playing cards. The adults would play cards in the evenings at gatherings. And of course they had to speak Polish half the time so that you didn't know what they were saying.

Well I am sure there are a bunch more, but it is late, the kids are still up (except Little Man). I need to get them off to bed as they were up early today.

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